An Inside Story 52

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The Naked Taboo

GOVERNMENTS, who represent us and act on our behalf, are made up of an unruly mob of rowdy politicians who spend most of their time squabbling and bickering amongst themselves across their parliamentary floors while at the same time enacting laws and imposing taxes that affect us all in a vain attempt to plug up the never ending  holes in society’s flimsy framework.

Religious institutions of all denominations create laws and taboos in an attempt to control and convert us to their particular belief system, sometimes ostracizing or persecuting us if we don’t comply. As an aside, they also greedily take money and property from us, so as to build up their own church coffers, strengthening their stranglehold on the gullible.

Wars have been waged since day dot in an attempt to get what someone else  has, oil, water, land, food, empires etc, or to control, subdue, convert or annihilate others simply because their skin is a different colour or their beliefs are different, or they simply think they are inferior to them in some way.

Dictators and despots persecute their countrymen using murder and torture as a weapon in an attempt to control them. People, who are suffering under such a dictatorship, eventually get sick and tired of being suppressed and in protest, riot throughout their country in an attempt to get rid of their suppressors.

Protesters march the streets of every town and city worldwide waving their placards, complaining and demonstrating against others whom they believe are the cause for what is wrong in their life, in an attempt to change governments and authorities into complying with what they believe is right.

Unions strike or go slow for a better pay packet or better working conditions or some other gripe against those they believe have caused them to be hard done by. They rally against their companies, their bosses, their governments, blaming them for their troubles instead of themselves.

On and on it goes in a never ending, unwinnable cycle of blaming someone else instead of realizing that we are ourselves to blame. While ever we believe that others are at fault and that they need to be controlled or coerced into thinking the same as we do, we will remain stuck in a ‘Them versus Us’ dark age mentality…

Dan’s Quote:- You cannot invade a country into democracy.”- Journalist in Iraq


Inspiration for this article came from the writings of Eckhart Tolle, A Course In Miracles, Joel Kramer, Abraham, Vernon Howard, Many Others – and life itself.

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