An Inside Story 48


The Naked Taboo
DIFFERENT cultures, (the customary beliefs of a religious, social or racial group) whose attitudes and values, devised by the leaders of those groups, is the real culprit. A culture that controls a society is not really a bad thing except that it is run by human beings. In its broadest sense, the particular culture we each belong to is the culprit that has placed restrictions and taboos on how we appear and behave when in the public eye.

The requirement to cover up our body in public, the countless behavioural laws that we must follow, that have now become ingrained into the way we live our life, all stem from society’s dictates, accumulated over time by  the few humans who in their ignorance and imagined superiority, decide how we all should live – and die.

Society is a collection of governments, organizations and committees that, amongst other things, attempt to control problems such as, corruption, greed and violence. The only problem with that is, the controllers – the law makers, the deciders on what is best for everyone else are themselves just as corrupt, greedy and violent– or maybe more so as their decisions are influenced by their own narcissist needs.

Once they make sure that they are okay, they may then enact laws and conditions that seem fair to all, but are they? Look at our politician’s salaries and perks for instance. Our leaders and law makers are adept at making elaborate excuses for feathering their own nest first.

The banking industry imposes high interest rates on loans and any other service they provide, far above what may be deemed fair. The meagre interest rates that we can earn on our own savings are governed by the banks forecasted profit margins, exorbitant executive salaries and high dividends doled out to their many, greedy shareholders.

The insurance industry (which really is a protection racket that’s been legalized) is high up in the greedy stakes. They make us pay through the nose for protection, only to deny compensation on some spurious technicality in time of need.

Our cultural leaders, who control so much of our lives, would rate together  as  the most greediest and corrupt culprits of all …

Dan’s Quote: “Sounds like society doesn’t it…
______________people with no conscience – who only have sympathy for others…
______________if there is a promise of reward at the end of it?”-DJB


Inspiration for this article came from the writings of Eckhart Tolle, A Course In Miracles, Joel Kramer, Abraham, Vernon Howard, Many Others – and life itself.

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