An Inside Story 45


The Naked Taboo

CLOTHES are not the only covering that we hide behind; it’s also the cosmetics we plaster all over ourselves. No one can see who we really are, they only see a clown face, a mask that is shown to the outside world. Women now tend to do this more than men, but in times past, it was the men who were done up like prize peacocks.

A lot of us won’t show ourselves to the outside world – except to our nearest and dearest, and sometimes not even then – unless we are ‘made up’. Look at the women in the public spotlight – our film stars.  Most of them would not be seen dead without a covering of paint and plaster to hide behind. Yet when they are caught on camera by the paparazzi without it, they look like normal, natural, beautiful human beings.

Not all of us are like this of course, there is a heck of a lot that don’t wear makeup at all – or very little. That doesn’t seem to be a handicap. We also hide our natural human odours behind a curtain of deodorants, perfumes and scents. Why? Do we smell so bad au natural that we fear being burnt at the stake if anyone caught a whiff of what we really smelt like?

There is nothing wrong with wearing makeup perfume and deodorants if we choose to do so. It is only when we have to be ‘made up’ before being able to face the outside world that it becomes a problem. Are we so ashamed of how we look and smell that we need to camouflage ourselves so no one will see how ugly and smelly we think we are?

Within our own families, most of us don’t cover ourselves up with all that paint and perfume. Our loved ones don’t turn up their noses in disgust at our facial features or bodily shape –or the way we smell. Why do we feel the need to present a false image of ourselves to a mob of strangers and casual acquaintances?…

Dan’s Quote: “Our aim of self acceptance simply means this…
_____________We have no need to look to anyone else to know what we should be.”-DJB


Inspiration for this article came from the writings of Eckhart Tolle, A Course In Miracles, Joel Kramer, Abraham, Vernon Howard, Many Others – and life itself.

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