An Inside Story 42


The Naked Taboo

BLAMING others for our problems and restrictions is endemic to our society, but society is only made up of people –  and we are all people, so logically, society must be us. Society then is not really to blame, we are to blame and the sooner we can become aware of that fact, stop passing the buck onto someone else for our woes and start taking responsibility for our own lives the better.

Society is a drain on our personal freedom and mental growth, yet we are so entrenched in the quagmire of its rules and regulations that it is becoming very difficult to live life without it. We have truly stuffed up our lives by passing on the responsibility for our appearance and behaviour to others, who know no more about life and the way it should be lived than we do.

In ‘The Naked Taboo’ we will see that we are highly regulated in what we are allowed to say, do, wear and behave in the outside world. Society originally came about due to the primitive nature and ignorance of our species. Rules were essential then if we were to survive and protect ourselves from each other.

We have since outgrown this need physically – but mentally we have not – in fact we remain inwardly, primitive animals. Imagine for a moment what would happen if a cataclysmic event occurred – a meteor, comet etc, hit the earth causing mass destruction of life. Human survivors would immediately revert back to the savagery that lies dormant just below our skin.

We may believe we are more civilized than that, but even if the few of us were, the mob majority would soon rape, pillage and murder us all, leaving only them to self destruct. Before the chance of that happening occurs, we need to outgrow our need to obey the dictates of society and become mentally self proficient.

If we can do that, society’s rules and regulations as they are, will as a consequence become obsolete, for each one of us will become responsible and adult enough to take charge of our own lives, no matter what happens out there in the world, plus we will be ensuring the survival and onward evolution of our species…

Dan’s Quote: “Never forget that the vast majority of human beings have no
_____________interest at all in inner awakening.”- Vernon Howard


Inspiration for this article came from the writings of Joel Kramer, Eckhart Tolle, A Course In Miracles, Abraham, Vernon Howard – and life itself.

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