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PERHAPS the greatest gift that was ever given to us, one that continues to contribute to our growth and evolution today is free will. No matter how bad things get, no matter how dire our circumstances may become, we always have the free will to change ourselves for the better (or for the worse). This applies to us individually and collectively as a species.

We implement free will every day of our lives, but we are doing it largely unconsciously. While ever that is the case, we will never get anywhere as we can readily see in the world today. In our politics, in our economies and in our striving for peace in the world, selfishness, greed and violence are the unconscious, negative tools we prefer to use to try and get what we want.

By using free will unconsciously, we will always end up with negative results, which only exacerbates our problems rather than solving them, sending us around and around in ever repeating circles of despair. To use free will wisely, we must become consciously aware of our decision making so that our determinations are the right ones.

Every moment of our lives, free will confronts us with choices. Mostly it’s mundane decisions such as what to have for dinner or what to wear to the social event, or where to go on holidays, but even those choices are made more wisely if we are aware of what we are doing.

We will still make mistakes of course, that is to be expected, but with conscious awareness of what is truly right and wrong, free will allows us to learn from those mistakes so as to make better choices next time.

We must become self aware when making decisions in life. It is up to each one of us to do this. We cannot put the responsibility onto anyone else. By consciously using our gift of free will, we will be able to steer our path around the negative pitfalls along the way and set a course towards where we are all eventually destined to go.

How conscientious, determined and awake each of us are will determine how long it takes before we get there…

Dan’s Quote: “Who but you knows your inner state of mind…
_____________ so who but you can change it?”- Vernon Howard


Inspiration for this article came from the writings of Joel Kramer, Eckhart Tolle, A Course In Miracles, Abraham, Vernon Howard, Many Others – and life itself.

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