An Inside Story 37



THERE is a restless churning within us – an instinctive impulse to learn something we don’t as yet understand – an almost inaudible whisper on the winds of our mind that there is somewhere we are going that is very special – a position in the universe that is waiting patiently for us to mature enough to warrant the gift of the treasures that have been laid aside for us there.

This inner urge was there when we first looked out of the mouth of our caves and were blinded by the light of our first new day, making us instinctively cover our bushy brow with a hairy hand as we gazed out upon the breathtaking beauty of a majestic landscape that was to become our home. Mother Earth spread out before us like a living carpet. This was the beginning of our journey.

That same inner longing is still with us today. Its intensity has never waned over all that time but is relentlessly impelling us ever onward to a destiny that as yet we do not know. That inner momentum is evolution at work – the intuitive compulsion to experience and learn the new and unexperienced – the incessant spurring on by some inner force.

When we began our journey as primitive, savage beasts, physical evolution was first priority. We needed to survive in this alien world. Our bodies needed to adapt to enable us to successfully exist in a hostile environment full of other beasts that vied for our food and shelter, essential if we were going to survive.

We were different to the other beasts in that we were blessed with a consciousness of self, albeit primitive. We were aware of ourselves as individual beings and we were also aware of our own impending and inevitable death. But that is where we have come to a mental pause.

Today it is imperative that we realize the urgency for our continued mental evolution. Our high-handed beliefs and selfish greed and materialism must be put aside for they are impediments to our success – obstructions that we can easily rid ourselves of if we really want to advance onward to where we are destined to go. It is up to us…

Dan’s Quote: “Evolution is not a force but a process. Not a cause but a law.”- John Morley


Inspiration for this article came from the writings of Joel Kramer, Eckhart Tolle, A Course In Miracles, Abraham, Vernon Howard – and life itself.

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