An Inside Story 34



WHENEVER anything adverse happens to us, we should try and stop for a moment if we can and turn the incident around full circle and pretend that we are the cause and that the unhappy incident that is occurring outside of us is only a symptom. We may be confronted by an angry person say, or an accident of some sort, a family squabble, or we’re just having a bad day.

Usually when anything like this happens to us we blame the outside incident – the angry person, the other car, the wife, husband, son, daughter, the weather or just plain dumb luck. We tend to believe that what we experience in life arises from a complicated network of outside causes that we have to negotiate around every day of our lives.

We attribute happiness or sadness for example, to single, individual sources. But if this were so, as soon as we come into contact with what we would consider to be good, we would automatically and immediately become happy and conversely, in the case of bad things, become invariably sad.

The cause of our joy and sorrow seems to be easy to identify and target. We tend to shy away from sorrow and chase after joy. It all seems to be so very simple, thus we believe there is every good reason and justification for our anger against events we judge ‘not good’ and good reason for our attachment to anything we regard as pleasurable,  but it doesn’t seem to work that way.

A new approach is needed if we are to find continuing joy in our life, but how can we achieve that? As we have found, if we continue to blame outside influences for our unhappiness we are doomed to a life of chasing after dreams, that we then fear losing, instead, we must turn turtle and look in the other direction.

We must look within ourselves and by pretending just for a moment that we are the cause of our own unhappiness and the outside manifestation as only the symptom, we will eventually discover our own true and endless joy that has been lying dormant within us, waiting patiently for us to wake up to ourselves…

Dan’s Quote: “Happiness is good health and a bad memory.”- Ingrid Bergman


Inspiration came from the writings of Joel Kramer, Eckhart Tolle, many others and life itself.

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