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SUPPOSING we were magically transported back to the times of the Bible, we would face a more hostile environment even than it is today. It would be as foreign as living on Mars. On the other hand, if Moses, Jesus, Abraham, Mohammed or any other dignitary of those times were to appear in the flesh today, they would be shot on the spot as being suspected terrorists or infidels.

Even if they had the chance to explain who they were, allowing that we could understand their ancient tongue, they would not be believed. Yet every week millions of us go to churches and temples all over our world and worship those ancient, archaic idols.

Religion is holding us back with an iron grip. It is as difficult to let go of as giving up oil driven machinery and coal fired power stations. Even if we are not believers and class ourselves as agnostic or atheist, we are still under the influence of a world that is dominated by religion.

Apart from mainstream religions there are the extremist cults and sects that have spread their idealism over our world like an infectious disease causing as much damage to the evolution of our mind as the plague did to our bodies.

To follow a belief system of any sort really is the blind leading the blind! The hypocrisy of a religious belief is blatantly obvious if we look at the anguish and butchery that religion has brought down upon us over its history with our eyes wide open and our mind in gear.

Both the East and the West preach virtues like forgiveness, compassion and understanding, but at the same time, anger and distrust flares between the two sides as the East accuses the West as being infidels, while the West accuses the East as being terrorists, causing unrest, violence and wars between the two that have been fought over the centuries and as we are still witnessing in the Middle East today.

All terrorism is carried out in the name of religion – My belief against Yours. The West is just as guilty as the East. More human beings have been tortured and slaughtered in the name of religion than in any other form of violence – how immature and senseless is that?..

Dan’s Quote:” Belief in a cruel God makes a cruel man.”- Thomas Paine


Inspiration came from the writings of Joel Kramer, Eckhart Tolle, many others and life itself.

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