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EVOLUTION of the mind is an internal change that cannot come about by asking for it. The reason is that we simply don’t know what to ask for. How do you ask for something you don’t know? Change of mind can only occur through revelation, not revolution. This revelation has nothing to do with the mystical or the esoteric, but is something quite different.

Revelation is an inner sense of our need and urgency for change – to observe the need consciously and clearly without trying to bring it about – a seeing that does not occur in time or thought, but occurs instantly. Revelation is the only way we can totally respond to the challenges confronting us today.

Our response must be new if it is to be successful. We cannot think about it and there is no authority that can advise us – for our own thoughts and advice from others can only come from the old and stale past, which has always failed us. We need to clearly see the problem we now face without trying to fix it. For that to happen though, something other than thought is needed.

Evolution of our mind is entirely up to us – personally. That may seem impossible and a bit scary for it is completely at odds with how we have tackled change in the past. We are used to relying on the group, society and outside authorities for the answers. This method will not work with the mind.

Only you can change your mind for yourself – YOU – no one else. That is our next evolutionary step and the miracle is, if one person can change – really change, it will be like lighting a candle. From that one flame, every candle in the world can be lit. That is the way true change occurs – personally – from person to person.

Not from institution to institution, not from leader to disciple, but from person to person. This must be done without thought, without trying to make it happen, but by simply being acutely aware of the need for change and the realization that we are quite capable of doing this. The ability has always been there within us…

Dan’s Quote: “A right search starts by realizing that …
______________you do not know what you are searching for.”– Vernon Howard


Inspiration came from the writings of Joel Kramer, Eckhart Tolle, others and life itself.

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