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EVERYBODY is concerned about the ever growing problem of drugs, so the powers that be are attempting to do something about it in the vain hope of solving this problem. We have outlawed drugs, and built rehabilitation centers etc, but to no avail. The reason being is that we are ignorant of the real problem, the problem with drugs is not the drugs themselves; they are only the symptoms.

If only symptoms are dealt with, when we believe we have solved a problem, it will pop up in some other place. The trouble is that narcotics offer us a more interesting alternative than living life. Taking drugs dulls us to the stresses of daily life and as long as that is the case, there will be a continuing problem with drugs no matter what laws we pass or how great an effort we make to stop the spread of their usage.

Not only drugs are used as a distraction to life, such things as extreme sports, loud music and many other forms of exhilarating diversions are used – the latest being the internet – especially on mobile devices like smart phones that give us access anywhere we are to social media such as Facebook and Twitter. All of these can be used as ways of occupying our mind and dulling us to life.

Artificial distractions are not a problem unless we cannot live without them. If we suffer a downer after coming off a high from indulging in any pastime, sport etc, suffering such emotions as depression and boredom until we can experience them again, they are no different to drugs – in fact they are a drug.

Some of us always need something to do, something to take our mind off the humdrum of daily life. Drugs, excitement, entertainment, thrills and spills give us the illusion of an exciting life. Whenever life is peaceful and there are no dramas occurring, boredom, restlessness and irritation set in.

While ever we are ignorant of how we are living our lives, we will continually look in the wrong place to find any meaning for it. If it’s the wrong place then, where do we look? For it has become imperative that we find it…

Dan’s Quote:The greater our knowledge increases…
______________the more our ignorance unfolds.”- John F. Kennedy


Inspiration for this chapter came from the writings of Joel Kramer, Eckhart Tolle and others.

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