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PLEASING relationships appear to be the only relationships that have any value for us, but that is not the case. Unpleasant relationships, whether with problematic people, loud or nasty neighbours, unruly kids, road-ragers and such like, or even being caught up in the drama of, riots, war and terrorism, hold within those relationships, important lessons we need to learn.

Our conscious awareness of when an unwanted situation arises in our lives presents us with the opportunity to see that a different reaction may bring about a better result rather than the automatic, unconscious and emotional response we habitually use. We are given a choice on each occasion to either learn from that unpleasant relationship or identify with it, thus becoming lost in its emotional turmoil.

This means then, that in our total physical experience, even those uncomfortable interactions, whether learnt or unlearnt form the basis of our ever expanding physical life experience. An unpleasant relationship is no different really, than making a wrong decision in life… we don’t like either but we need to experience both of these life situations so as to learn and evolve.

People often believe that the benefits of interacting with others is mostly to do with combining talents and actions in order to accomplish the things that need to be done in a society, but our human relationships are much more important than that.

We are helping one another define the attributes of our individual and collective selves. In other words, even the briefest of encounters with another person is actually contributing to our overall expansion as a human being.

Relationships are important, we need them and they need us for the experiences and the lessons that are held in those encounters. We are all teaching each other as well as learning from each other, every moment of our lives.

Our relationship with others, both good and bad, adds immeasurably to our own growth. We must become astutely aware that that person or persons who is interacting with us in any given moment is there to teach us something – and we are there to teach them something…

Dan’s Quote: “Something of vital importance hides within every relationship, good or bad…
______________The trick is to become aware of it.”– DJB


Inspiration for this chapter came from the writings of Joel Kramer, Eckhart Tolle and others.

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