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STRANGELY, you’d reckon it would be a good thing to have plenty of choices in life, but is more choices really a good thing? The very need to choose means that there are alternatives, which one should we choose – the right one or the left one – this one or that one – which one?

If we look closely each time we have a choice, we will see that in the very act of choosing there is inner turmoil – a decision has to be made  – which one should I choose is a conflicting statement. The conflict arises at the point of choosing and continues afterwards because we can never then know if choosing the other alternative would have been better for us than the choice we made.

The necessity to choose brings about inner disquiet, a decision needs to be made – even between two good alternatives – it makes no difference. Doubt is always one of the results of choice and with doubt in our mind, a peaceful and joyful life is impossible. We will always be wondering if we chose rightly.

In our world today there is extraordinary conflict, so there appears to be endless choices. We move from one choice to the other trying to resolve our conflicts – our social problems, our political alliances, our wars, our terrorism – but any action done out of conflict only creates more conflict. The evidence is plain to see out there.

Whenever any action is done out of conflict, there is always a regret. Our mind plays the ‘what ifs’ game of by-past choices. To be truly free is to have no choice at all. If we knew what to do there would be no choice.

With clear vision, the need for choice magically disappears. Unconditional acceptance of what is keeps our life on track. The hardest thing of all for any of us is to have the trust to just let go and let our life be lived – that’s just another lesson of life…

Dan’s Quote: “God always gives His best to those who leave the choice with him.”- Jim Elliot


Inspiration for this chapter came from the writings of Joel Kramer, Eckhart Tolle and others.

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