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PROCREATION is genetically programmed into us to insure the continuation of our species. We don’t have the monopoly on this of course – it is programmed into every living creature on this planet. Because it is so vital for the continuation of life, we are instinctively attracted to the act of sexual intercourse, where we become enthralled in an intensive and addictive moment in time.

Orgasm itself is timeless… an abandonment, a giving up of oneself for a moment where we are lost in the other person… in the sexual act itself. Even though sex is genetically programmed, it becomes one of the few places, or maybe the only place where we can experience the passion of no time.

We have never lost the original purpose for our attraction to the opposite sex or the sexual act, which is to reproduce. At the right time, when women ovulate, the instinct to copulate is heightened. This has been hidden to some extent beneath our need for pleasure. For some of us it becomes the focal point of our lives.

We worry about not getting enough. Sex becomes so extraordinarily important that we hunger for it again and again. Most of us have isolated our sexuality into the genital area and consider sexuality to deal only with genital responses. Reproduction then becomes less important and the emphasis switches to self gratification.

We forget that there is a lot more to sexuality, which usually involves another person with separate feelings and needs. We selfishly want them to pander to our wishes and if they don’t, we are turned off or get angry or disappointed, creating sexual tension in the process.

True passion is timeless, and there is a passion in day to day living, but we have substituted that passion for sexuality, which is an ever escalating problem. If we could experience the passion of living day to day, sexuality would not be the problem it is. It would be just something we do or do not do, depending on its appropriateness at the time.

In a true sexual relationship, orgasm is not important, it’s sexuality itself that’s important. A true and loving relationship between human beings and life in general is timeless…

Dan’s Quote: “Once you see your nature, sex is basically immaterial.”- Bodhidharma


Inspiration for this chapter came from the writings of Joel Kramer and Eckhart Tolle.

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  1. This is the best article I have read, thank you, I have learned a lot of knowledge in this area.

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