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UNHAPPINESS is a disease of human beings that is in epidemic proportions. One of the main reasons is negativity. The state of the world outside – which is full of negativity – reflects like a mirror, what we feel inside. Our outside and our inside are exactly the same and it’s what is happening inside of us that is the source of our unhappiness, not what is out there.

To see what we are really like inside all we need do is take a look at what is happening out there in the world, the news headlines explains it all. We are all trapped in this web of negativity to some degree.

Happiness is the poor substitute for Joy… which is timeless. The desire for happiness lives in time… in the past and the anticipated future, ‘I think I was happy yesterday and I want to be happy again tomorrow’ so I look outward to try and find or keep it. We can never find it out there so the quest for happiness goes endlessly on and on. We may think we have it for a moment, but then something bad happens and we lose it.

We depend entirely on what happens in our life for our happiness – but what do we get if we can’t have what we want – if that prized possession or person or achievement that we want so badly is denied? We don’t get happiness – instead we get unhappiness, something we try so desperately to avoid.

We don’t really understand the fact that ‘what happens’ is a very unstable thing. We can never tell with any certainty what will happen at any moment in time and when something does happens, it is not always as we would wish, for it does not rely on our personal desires… but is life itself.

The joy of being cannot be experienced by having some possession or person, achievement or event, or through anything that happens. Joy cannot come to us – ever. Joy just is. It emanates from the timeless dimension within us, from consciousness itself. Both Joy and Love is who we really are…

Dan’s Quote: “Joy is not an emotion that we can find and experience…
_____________Joy is who we are in truth – our very essence.”- DJB


Inspiration for this chapter came from ‘A Passionate Mind’ by Joel Kramer
and ‘A New Earth’ by Eckart Tolle

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