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EVEN though most of us would not admit it, fear is always lurking in the background of our mind. We fear anything that may endanger our well being – fear of loss, fear of death, fear of being hurt, physically or mentally, and we will take appropriate action to try and avoid such risks. While ever we believe we are our name and body, (ego) then that is the way we must live our lives.

Even the so called happy go lucky people in our midst are not as happy as they make out. They have that same uneasiness within. Whenever a crisis occurs (when things go wrong) they lose their cool, their happy demeanour is replaced by anxiety and fear. All this is subconscious of course but nevertheless, it is the normal way we approach our daily lives.

We are afraid of many things, of being hurt, of not living fully, of not realizing ourselves to the fullest potential, of not having enough money or possessions. We are afraid of pain, death, loneliness, of losing the securities we have.

We are afraid that the pleasures we had yesterday we will no longer have tomorrow. We are also afraid our loved ones will stop loving us… and we are even more afraid that we will stop loving them.

There is great fear in living. Ordinarily what we do with fear is invent systems and beliefs to try and make it go away. But fear is all pervading. It is constantly there within our minds. We try to forget about it – We can pretend it does not exist, but it is there.

It influences so much of our life. To see that fact consciously is the first step in eradicating fear from our lives…

 Dan’s Quote:Fear is a thief that steals today…
______________and takes all hope from tomorrow.”- From Touched by an Angel


Ideas for this chapter came from ‘A Passionate Mind’ by Joel Kramer.

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Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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