Sink Or Swim

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REGARDLESS of what others may say, if they are here, they’re living in the belief they are their physical body and name – their ego. They might profess to be egoless, enlightened, consciously aware, a guru, a mystic, Jesus, Buddha, whatever their claim, while we can see them and interact with them, they are on the same level as us. They regard themselves as we do, a separate entity from everything and everyone else.

Anyone who has advanced enough to conquer the ego’s domination over their life would simply not be here. There would be no need; the world we live in is the ego’s exclusive domain. There is a cosmic law: You can only interact with those who are either on the same level as you… or just slightly below. The ones that have progressed would have moved upwards… out of the range of our awareness.

Thankfully, we’re becoming aware of who we really are, including the realization that our ego is only a small part of our true nature and that up to this stage of our evolution it has messed up and complicated so much of our daily life. We are now though on the threshold of a major evolutionary leap in which we will either sink or swim.

If we learn to swim, we will progress to the next stage of our evolution. If we sink, then it’s back to square one and we start all over again from scratch (as we have probably done many times before) and then see if the next time, we can learn to swim.

Cosmically speaking it doesn’t matter a damn how long it takes or if we succeed or fail. After all, we have all of eternity in which to learn. But to us as a human species, it does.

There is something within us that wants to succeed. Who we think we are is the past. We are living out our lives primarily from memories of what was, not from life as it is happening now. It is time to change that…

Dan’s Quote: “The inquiring mind is the answer to ignorance.”


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