The Amiable Reaper 16



MEMORIES of my out of body experience whilst in hospital are non-existent, for memories are formed only by the ego and due to the strain of my lung test my ego had passed out into unconsciousness. Simply put, my ego doesn’t know what happened.

My recollection is based on a different awareness, an awareness of self that remained conscious throughout, engendering the revelation that another me exists other than the person I think I am.

In hindsight my ego has tried to catalogue the experience of course, so it has some sort of a record to peruse, evaluate and compare in the event it happens again, for that’s what egos do, but it is having a hard time. For me, I needed to look past my ego’s continuing interference and concentrate on the feeling of the event itself.

My intuition tells me that I never went anywhere at all. With my ego unconscious and out of the way, I realized that this other me had always been where I now found myself… that I was witnessing my eternal home, a place that had been blotted out of my awareness of self whilst living in the physical world.

There were no feelings of apprehension, fear or panic like I suffered in my other experiences – as described in Just a Glimpse. I felt comfortably at home, surrounded by Love, abiding Peace and a closeness I took to be family, although I seemed to be all alone. I know I certainly did not want to go back to the world I had just left.

Intuitively, I realized then that when anyone dies, no matter how, whether by accident, on purpose, or peacefully in old age, after the initial shock that death is imminent and while they maybe wait in trepidation for the Grim Reaper to come, (all of which takes no time at all) it is Pure Love that floods their mind, removes the pain and shock of death and gently guides them to the place they have never really left.

The Love that envelops them immediately after the death event is so potent that the human mind could not possibly withstand its power; that is why such Love can never be fully experienced here on earth and that is the reason why I backed off in fear on my other two occasions.

Human feelings of love are mediocre in comparison, if it is love at all. True Love just is, constant, omnipotent and eternal. Earthly emotions do not exist after death. Love is all there is… When our death occurs; we are our own deliverer… our own Amiable Reaper… We are Love Incarnate…

Dan’s Quote: “Whilst living, True Love is unexpressed so we can fully experience physical life.
______________After death however, Love flows unabated from our True Being.”

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