The Amiable Reaper 14



EVER since human beings were introduced into the ‘The Story of the Universe’, we have remained relatively ignorant of why we and everything else in the universe exists. Who are we? What are we supposed to be doing? What is the purpose of it all? Why should we, the universe and all that’s in it bother to play out this drama of physical life if it’s a one time event for each and every one of us?

If we all have only one go at it, to live one lifetime, one of mainly pain and suffering sprinkled with a few drops of happiness, what’s our reward? We are told that we should be good, to learn to overcome evil, to aspire to greatness… but why, what incentive do we have? What reason do we have if at the end of our time, it’s curtains… forever?

We may as well be bastards like Hitler or Osama Bin Laden or any other despot. We might as well be consumed by greed as most of our bankers, politicians and big business’ are. Why try to be a better person? Does it matter one iota whether we are good or bad, compassionate or cold hearted, a Good Samaritan or a callous murderer? Maybe not, if it’s oblivion waiting for us all at the end of our short stay here.

If the objective is for the survival of the species as a whole, as suggested by some experts, then, when we’ve done our bit, it’s goodbye world permanently. We can’t ever know or be privy to the results of all our hard work and striving to be a good (or even bad) human being, which seems nonsensical and unfair… so it’s bewildering why we bother to live our one life in the first place?

Unless of course, we are lucky enough to have had a glimpse of something special and realize that all is not as it seems…

Dan’s Quote:
“Should we know the truth while we are physically here on Earth?
______________Yes! And we will… eventually.”

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