The Amiable Reaper 13


FOLLOWING is an account of an ‘Out of body’ experience that happened to me after being rushed to Nambour Hospital in mid July 2012. I had copped a nasty bout of the ‘flu virus that had attacked my body, specifically my lungs and heart, necessitating a 3 day stay in Intensive Care, followed by 8 days in an isolation ward.

One day a respiratory nurse set up a ‘spirometer’ test to check my lung capacity after the illness. It meant blowing with all my might into a large tube. I can’t remember actually doing that for the effort caused me to collapsed under the strain, suddenly my mind wasn’t there anymore, I was somewhere else.

A bright, warm light pervaded my consciousness. It felt sort of like being in a football scrum, huddled together in a cozy group although I was only aware of myself being there. It felt like everyone that I had ever loved was surrounding me… A feeling of love, joy and abiding peace permeated my mind.

It’s difficult to explain for I have no real memory of this place, only an intense feeling, a feeling that persists to this day just as strong as when I first experienced it over 4 months ago. I had an overpowering desire to stay there. It felt like it was where I truly belonged.

Somewhere in the mist there was something trying to force me to return against my will. I tried to fight it but to no avail. The respiratory nurse was the culprit, he was urging me back by gently tapping me on my shoulder, “Are you alright, are you alright?” He repeatedly asked “Yes I was alright… I think,” I told him.

The heaviness of physical life was slowly re-establishing its dominance over me. Where I had just been was fast receding into the quietness somewhere deep within my mind. “What happened?” I heard the nurse nervously ask. “Your eyes rolled up into the top of your head and you collapsed.” “I don’t really know,” I replied, “I was somewhere else… and I want to go back.”

As far as the nurse was concerned, the whole episode took probably took less than a minute, but for me time had no relevance, it could have been a minute or a lifetime. Don’t get me wrong, I love my life, family and friends. I wouldn’t want to upset the apple cart by dying just yet but, the quiet yearning to be back in that good feeling place is still as strong in me now as when I first experienced it.

Since my journey to this strange yet familiar place, my unshakeable feeling that we are eternal and that the place we go to after life is really and truly ‘Heavenly’ has been re-enforce… and I am eager to return there when the time is right. It makes physical life and all its dramas here on Earth seem utterly insignificant in comparison and not worth worrying about…

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Dan’s Quote: “Unless you have had a personal experience of life after death…
____________You can never fully appreciate the reality of your eternal existence.”

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