The Amiable Reaper 9


CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD, by Neale Donald Walsch describes death in this way. “The good news and the incredible news is that we do not leave beloved ones behind. And so, there is no emotional pain involved in death for the Soul that has died. When we die, we meet our “still living” loved ones on the Other Side – where the largest part of them exists in the place of No Time/No Space.

A truth that religions do not teach us is this: We exist simultaneously on both sides of the veil that separates the Realm of the Physical from the Realm of the Spiritual. We divide ourselves in order to experience the Realm of the Physical; we do not leave the Spiritual Realm.

Leaving the Spiritual Realm is not necessary for us to experience ourselves as Who We Really Are. We simply send a Part of Ourselves into the physical world, collecting and coalescing a portion of our Soul Energy in a particular location of Here and Now, in order to identify as to who we are to be in any given life.

When we do the thing called “die” we simply Dissipate Identifying Energies (DIE), flowing our Essence once again back into the Whole Soul and the One Identity that we are.

There, waiting for us on the Other Side when we pass, are the Whole Souls of all those we have loved – in this lifetime and in all lifetimes. These Whole Souls have the ability to coalesce themselves into any shape or form they wish…and they do so…assuming the shape of the beloved ones that we have just left in the Physical Realm.

We recognize these Souls at once, of course! And we laugh and dance with joy at the immediate knowing that we never left each other at all – and never will, for WE ARE All ONE, existing always and all ways in the eternal glory of the Singularization Of Unified life (S-O-U-L) that is God knowing Itself!”

It is not so much that something (Grim or Amiable) is waiting for us when we die, but that death itself is Kindly, a welcome and joyful event when our time comes. A time when we will remember who we really are and why we decided to spend a lifetime in the physical realm…

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Dan’s Quote: “Most of us have little understanding of the nature of the journey we are on…
_____________ much less how to arrive at our desired destination.”-CWG

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