The Amiable Reaper 6


WHY does death frighten us?.. And even though it scares us, why are we so curious about it? What is the attraction that death holds over us? Our fascination and fear of death has its roots in the fear of the unknown…or more specifically, fear of the unremembered… Even if life is full of awful experiences, trials and tribulations, we are accustomed to it. Life is familiar, mundane, known, so it isn’t frightening.

We attempt to control life but our efforts are in vain, it only gives the illusion that life is tameable, while death, its seeming opposite, is wild and untameable. We are so busy trying to control life — to steer along life’s pathway, the way we think it should go — that we remain unconscious of the fact that life is not more manageable than death at all. It is even less ordered than death really.

Life suprises us every moment, the boundaries of our everyday existence are always shifting…  still, we are not as frightened of life as we are of death. We feel safe because we think we know life and have collectively agreed to ignore the fact that nothing stays the same. Each of us changes every moment of every day and every night. We never meet the world with the same self.

Life is just as untamed as death. But because we always look for the known and the familiar in our life, we do not consciously experience the newness of every moment. We miss the opportunity for new life as it arises – unless of course, we can face death without fear.

Death is not the grim reaper at all, it is life that is grim. Death is a release from the pain and stress of life, at the end of which our soul ‘chills out’ in the realm we call death… until the next lifetime. Life and death are not separate, but continuations of the same spectrum of ideas. Alternating from one to the other, they form the totality of our dreams.

By breaking free of our ignorance of both life and death, and remembering the truth, we can live the lives we desire. By embracing death right now, we can actually change our lives – and the world. It is your world, your dream.

Both your life and death are ever continuing, ever ongoing, complimentary parts of that dream world…

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Dan’s Quote: ” Remember what death truly is before you die,
______________then you will face it without fear.”

Inspiration for this chapter comes from ‘Illuminating the Afterlife’ by Cyndi Dale.

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