The Amiable Reaper 4


RESEARCHING whether death might be depicted as a Grim or Amiable Reaper led me to this chapter, which is about Near Death Experiences (NDE) and is sourced from Kevin Williams’ research conclusions on NDE. His book is titled: ‘Nothing Better Than Death’. I hope he doesn’t mind me pinching a bit of his stuff.

 “Near-death experiencers unanimously report losing their fear of death upon return. Many actually look forward to their own death, a time when they can return to the beautiful realm they experienced. The NDE changes people’s ideas of death forever. This is true even for many people who only read about the NDE.

Some experiencers were not even aware they died at the time of their NDE. This demonstrates how insignificant death really is. It reveals that death is only a very brief transition from the physical to the spiritual – like walking through a door. It has also been described by some experiencers to be similar to the process of waking up from a dream, the dream being that of the physical world.

One unanimous aspect involving people who have NDEs is that they know absolutely there is life after death. They no longer believe in an afterlife. They know there is an afterlife. The idea that near-death accounts provide this knowledge has nothing to do with faith. Faith implies the possibility of doubt. Knowledge implies certainty. NDEs are based on solid knowledge and facts – not faith.

If a million astronauts go to Mars and return to Earth saying that there’s Martians living there, it is then that I would know for sure that there’s Martians living on Mars. In the same way, millions of people have returned from death saying that there is life after death. Can millions of people experiencing the same thing all be wrong?

Isn’t it easier to believe they are right? For this reason, the only rational conclusion is that there is life after death. Faith and skepticism then becomes irrational.”— All research on near death experiences seem to point towards an amiable feeling of love, joy and peace, a state of oneness that can only be described as heavenly. To be continued…

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Dan’s Quote: “Death is a revolving door between the physical and the spiritual.”

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