The Passion


THE compulsion to learn about life is within us all… and as the saying goes, you teach best what you most need to learn. Neale Donald Walsch, the author of ‘Conversations With God’ wrote, “The fastest way to learn something is to teach it. Do not wait, therefore, until you ‘know all about it’ or have ‘mastered’ what you wish to share before you begin to share it.

The world needs more of what you wish to learn more of… So teach – Share – Help others. And do not worry so much about what you ‘don’t know.’ Worry about what you ‘don’t do’. Because you are robbing all of us while you are waiting to become an ‘expert’.”…. This message is relevant to you as well as me.

This is the reason I write. To try and understand what life’s all about and as a natural consequence, without any conscious effort on my part, my learning passes on to you…but only if you are ready that is… and you are reading this, naturally… so take heart, you are ready. A hint though, never believe what someone else reckons, including me, that’s only gullibility.

As you read and learn from all sources that seem to magically appear in your life, you will form your own ideas about what life’s about. Then you too will naturally become a teacher, for that is the way it all works, only don’t try and force your ideas onto others, that is just your ego trying to get in on the act.

Put the emphasis on you doing the learning and your teaching will come automatically, for whoever is ready to learn from you, will find you. After all we are in essence, the one spirit, God if you will… and God has a desire to learn to know Himself in physical form …through your body and mind… That is the reason the physical universe was created in the first place.

Although shattering to your ego’s false sense of specialness, your life is not really so much about your body or your mind, it is more about your soul, or spirit. You already know all about yourself in spirit, you just can’t remember at the moment, but your soul desires to know itself in physical form.

If you are an avid student of life like I am, many perplexing questions can spring to mind… if you are aware and present enough… when contemplating the mysteries of life. Some may surprise you….

Dan’s Quote: “One aim of a real teacher is to help his students
______________become their own teachers.”- Vernon Howard

Top photo: The impulse for life- ‘A dew covered Ladybird’.

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