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YOUR physical  journey through life is nothing but a dream, a manifestation of reality flowing through time and space. In truth though, it is timeless. You exist in the one continuous moment, which you erroneously perceive as being divided into separate bits. You then project these fragmented moments onto your screen of life giving you the illusion of an ongoing, animated lifetime.

The moments of your life can be likened to the frames on a strip of movie film where each frame appears distinct from the others. It is only when they are projected onto the movie screen, one fleetingly after the other that you get the impression of an actual story of real life.

To better understand this, rather than identifying yourself with the movie, compare yourself instead to being the movie projector, where you remain stationary in time and only the continuing now moment (the frames of the movie film) flash onto your screen of life giving you the experience of an existence in time and space.

Your habitual mind (ego) cannot accept the fact that the present moment is all there is, so instead of letting it go, it desperately grabs hold of the segmented moments and saves them into memory, creating a false history of who you think you are, but in reality, that now moment is no more, only the residue… it’s ashes remain as a memory.

The moments to come are also conjured up in your habitual mind as anticipations of what you desire life to be like, drawn from and compared with the past moments that you have previously stored there. Always thinking of the past and the hoped for future clouds your perception of what is happening now.

Because of your preoccupation with the dead past and hoped for future, you are not present to witness the dynamic now moment when it flashes fleetingly onto your screen of life.

Instead you are lost in thought, rendering you incapable of adequately responding to the immediacy, beauty and vibrancy of what is…

Dan’s Quote: “The hand that wrote the story of the world…
_____________is the same hand that wrote the story of you.”

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