The Mystery


STRANGELY, you can never answer that question while you are thinking with your head, where for you to know anything at all it must be referenced against something from the past. The truth has no past so is unknowable whilst ever you believe you are this body and name you identify yourself with. The truth is now, ever fresh, ever new. It is unfathomable for your present, habitual mind to comprehend.

There is no reference point in the dead past or imagined future to determine what it is. The truth is an ever unfolding mystery of now followed by now followed by now. Once you awaken you will realize that it is you that is this mystery. It is you that is the truth being continually reborn every moment.

*The truth is, it can’t be what we think! It just is! It is not up to us to create it—we are simply cleaning the mirror of our hearts so we can see the reflection of our own true face without distortion. God already lives within us. All we have to do is take better aim to figure out where to look.

As we look deeper within ourselves we find that it is Love that has been waiting inside of us all along, pulling us into Itself. We begin to experience Love’s inner form as our practice deepens for it already exists within. We are just removing what’s covering it. As our focus and attention increase, the form comes alive within us. It is Love that lives in each one of us as who we truly are.*

When you deeply know that you are the awareness experiencing Itself, you realize that is all that is ever happening. Whether you call an experience a me or a you, a good day or a rotten day, beauty or ugliness, compassion or cruelty—it’s all still the awareness experiencing Itself, extending Itself into time and form. That’s all that is happening…

Dan’s Quote: “You are an incredible mystery that you will never figure out.
______________To be this mystery consciously is the greatest joy.”- Adyashanti

Reading ‘Emptiness Dancing’ by
Adyashanti influenced the writing of this story. I used his words of wisdom for parts of  this chapter for which I am deeply appreciative.
Adyashanti for his website or  Watch Video Clips to view some short videos of his teachings.

* Quoted from ‘Flow of Grace’ by Krishna Das 

Top photo: ‘Foggy Green Light’ by Closer to Heaven.

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