Who Am I?


THERE are two fundamental questions that you need to repeatedly ask yourself, ‘Who am I?’ and ‘What is the truth?’ Even though it is important that the asking becomes like a mantra don’t try and answer for you can only use your everyday mind and it doesn’t know, but don’t worry, there is another intelligence within you that does. Your task is only to ask, then trust that when the time is right, the right answers will come.

We are all seekers of the truth whether we realize it or not, it is part of our beingness. Evolution has brought us successfully this far, but our journey is not over by a long shot. We are getting very close to achieving the next vital step in creation. We are on our way to becoming consciously aware of who we truly are whilst still living a life here on Earth.

Although you don’t realize it at the moment, the truth is that you already are what you are seeking. You are looking for God with his eyes. This truth is so simple and shocking, so radical and taboo that it is easy to miss among your frantic searching. You don’t have to become aware or enlightened, you already are.

You always have been. It’s your essential nature. All you need do is stop hallucinating, stop dreaming you are this human being that you are temporarily inhabiting. You are everything and absolutely nothing. You are not a human being, you are being appearing as human.

You have simply forgotten the truth of who you are. The pathway to enlightenment is not some road that you need to learn to navigate, it is a pathway you need to remember. It is your way home. There is no question of you becoming the One – you are the One. The question is, are you a conscious expression of the One?

Has the One awakened to itself? Have you remembered what you really are? And if you have, are you living it? Are you really living consciously as the One? You are a human expression of oneness, that’s what you are. You only need to realize that and your whole world will change.

Dan’s Quote:
“My God, I took myself to be a human being named so-and-so and I’m not.”- Adyashanti

Reading ‘Emptiness Dancing’ by
Adyashanti influenced the writing of this story. I used his words of wisdom in parts to put together this chapter for which I am deeply appreciative. Click on Adyashanti to go to his website.

Top photo: ‘Sunset at Warners Bay’, New South Wales, Australia.

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