Why Am I Here?


YOU are here to experience life as it is… and yet you spend most of your waking hours wishing that things were different than what is. You may intellectually understand the concept of unconditionally accepting whatever is in your life but you’re never happy when things stay as it is. Why? Because something sneaky is going on inside your mind, something that you are unaware of.

Whilst you may say that you unconditionally accept your life as it is, there is a little thought hidden deep in your mind that is thinking, ‘If I accept what is with no reservations then maybe things will change to what I would like them to be’ and when whatever is continues to be exactly what it is you become dejected.

That little thought in the back of your mind belongs to your ego. Your ego can never accept what is. With effort you may be able to change a life event into something you desire at times but your ego would either want more of it or quickly get bored with it and want something different, creating an endless cycle of wanting – getting – pleasure – boredom – wanting.

Your whole physical life revolves around such cycles. You inhale air – you exhale – then inhale again, one breath is never enough and of course you must keep breathing otherwise your body will asphyxiate and die. You get hungry and want food. Once your hunger is satisfied it’s not long before you want food again. Another cycle is in action. Hunger – nourishment- satiation- hunger.

Again, if you don’t eat, your body will starve to death. While you are inhabiting your body, you are meant to breathe and eat. You are also meant to continue the cycles of sleep, defecation, urination etc. All these endless cycles are for your body’s benefit, enabling it to physically survive. These cycles are legitimate and necessary.

But there are cycles of life that are not necessary for your survival. You create false cycles to hide behind so you can pretend for awhile that life is different from what it is. Addictions to food, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, thrills, excitement, risk taking or the addiction to watching television or listening to music etc are just a few of the screens that you use.

They all have one thing in common, they need to be constantly replenished or there’s a danger that you will be exposed to what is. Another vicious cycle is in action. Desiring – having – not having – desiring again is a bottomless pit that can never be filled.

Physical life is a progressive journey that is taking you to your destiny, a destiny that you can never understand while you are cocooned in your ego controlled, human body, so don’t try. Yes, understand fully the necessity for the continuing cycles of your bodily needs but realize too, the unnecessary desire for your life be different than what it is.

What is, is leading you somewhere and you have no need to try and control where you are going, rather, all you need to do is trust. There is no point in you trying to make what is into something other than what it is, for you will fail. You are a rank amateur at the game of life, you have only had one go at it and stuffed most of that up anyway.

Leave whatever is to a higher authority. Have the trust not to know nor care about your future, you are meant to be here, there is a divine purpose to it all, but you must learn to get out of your own way and let your life take the course you are destined to travel…

Dan’s Quote: “Everything in life makes sense if we have the sense to realize it.”- D.B.

Top photo: The eternal cycle of ‘Snowflakes’ by Allison Gooch.

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