Virtual Reality 36


MURMURS of agreement quietly reverberated around the celestial audience sounding like the roll of distant thunder, while heads nodded in unison like windblown wheat in a country field. What Yahweh was saying was true of course, the human animal did cease to exist at the end of its time. After all they should know, every soul had experienced many physical lifetimes.

Sol remembered the time when he simulated the mortal Sully. Then, he firmly believed that it was up to him and no one else to run his life. He remembered his constant efforts to change and control his environment, his futile hoping, planning, contriving and scheming and his vain attempts at manipulating others for his own selfish ends.

He remembered all the violence and hate that was bottled up inside Sully throughout his life and especially when he was at war with the Taliban. Yes, Sully’s body and his negative personality died there on the battlefield, that was for sure. The Sully that transitioned to the Spiritual Plane certainly wasn’t that Sully.

He had transitioned with a knowledge of his past history yes, but only to assist him assimilate back into his eternal abode and help him greet all his loved ones from his recently deceased past. Once Sully had settled in though, his past history began to dissipate like a morning fog as his mind warmed to his eternal reality.

If you had asked Sully when he was a neophyte spirit, ‘what happened yesterday and what will you do tomorrow?’ He would have replied, ‘I died in Afghanistan yesterday and tomorrow I will enjoy heaven.’ If you asked him that same question now, he would say, ‘what is yesterday, what is tomorrow? there is only the now moment…isn’t there?’

The person Sully so absolutely and definitely believed he was while on Earth, was really only his Egor and that identity was left behind on Earth and cremated with his body. If the ‘Unknowing’ Sol had been told this truth while he believed he was the mortal Sully, he would have disbelieved it.

While he was alive, Sully was unconscious of the fact that Sol was in full charge of his life, that he had arranged every event, including the type of person Sully would be. It was Sol who was really the one experiencing physical life and learning the lessons not Sully. He was just the delusionary pseudo self of the ‘Unknowing’ Sol.

Sully could be defined as the finite physical body and identity that Sol required to fulfil his agenda and experience himself in physical form. If  Sully could have realized that at the time, he could have let go of self control and put his trust in life, he would then have had a much easier and more enjoyable life on Earth.

Immortal man is the human being without the dross of Egor and its history of the past and hopes and fears for the future, thus, once Sully was stripped of his Egor identity, his true self was revealed in all its glory as the eternal, loving Sol, making the spiritual Sully completely different from the physical Sully.

Every soul lives in peace and loving serenity with Yahweh, but they like to play at being human at times, so they slip down to Earth for a spot of recreational negativity, once their whim is satisfied, they resume their life in heaven with a fresh store of contrasts to call upon so as to further appreciate their positive, joyful existence. It’s all fun and games really.

Yahweh and the whole congregation of souls were quite well aware that it was impossible to explain all this in words, thus they all have deep sympathy for the author of their story…

Dan’s Quote: “Don’t be concerned, you are on the right path, let go of self control…
______________you are heading straight to your own eternal and joyful destiny.”- D.B.

Top photo: ‘Indiana Wheat Fields’ by William Hancock.

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