Virtual Reality 35


YAHWEH opened His final address to the assembled souls, “Before closing, I would like to digress for a moment and review a talk I gave recently to a group of novice souls that were about to embark on their first human simulations. I told them of what to expect while living a life on Earth, asking them to listen as if they were ‘Unknowing’ souls, which they would shortly be.

I would like you to do the same. When I refer to ‘you’ and ‘your’, I will not be referring to you as you are now, eternal spirits, but to the temporary personality you will think you are while living a physical life on Earth. This will enable you to somewhat understand what it will be like.

While you are human and under the control of the ‘voice in your head’, (Egor) you will find this talk distressing, belittling, confusing, frightening or utter nonsense, but the truth is, regardless of ‘your’ seemingly separate personality whilst cocooned in a human body, in reality ‘you’ are life expressing itself in form.

It will not be ‘your’ life for in reality there is no me, my or I, ‘you’ are simply life. ‘You’ are life experiencing life. The body and personality ‘you’ think ‘you’ are is an illusion. It is only the material form through which life can express itself.

‘You’ are expendable. ‘You’ are a disposable commodity. At the end of ‘your’ life, ‘you’ are going to be dead. ‘You’ are not going to heaven for there is no heaven for ‘you’, ‘you’ are not going to hell and get punished by the devil, for there is no hell or devil, no purgatory, nothing.

For ‘you’, there is absolutely no afterlife. ‘Your’ human life for ‘you’ is a once only affair. When ‘you’ die ‘you’ will decompose with ‘your’ body. As with ‘your’ body, ‘your’ name will only be said in the past tense. ‘You’ will be gone both in body and in mind. ‘You’ will not exist anymore.

While you are human, all ‘your’ planning, contriving, desiring, hoping, yearning, speculating, demanding, straining, claiming, influencing, dominating, controlling and striving to get the most out of life for ‘yourself’ will matter diddlysquat in the scheme of things. ‘You’ are a temporary, throw away piece of meat.

It doesn’t matter a tinkers damn if ‘you’ are a good person, a bad person, a good Samaritan or a greedy selfish bastard. ‘You’ can be a pervert, a murderer, a rapist, a terrorist, a warmonger, whatever ‘you’ are matters naught. Life has put ‘you’ exactly where ‘you’ need to be, doing exactly what ‘you’ are supposed to be doing.

There are no accidental events. Everything has a purpose, whatever ‘you’ are doing, ‘you’ are meant to be doing it. Whatever kind of a person ‘you’ are, ‘you’ are meant to be that kind of a person. Whether ‘you’ are fat and ugly or slim and beautiful, that is what ‘you’ are meant to be. Whether ‘you’ are a generous do-gooder or a heartless swine, that is what ‘you’ are here to be.

If ‘you’ are a bad person and ‘you’ see the error of ‘your’ ways and change for the better, ‘you’ are meant to do just that. If ‘you’ are a bad person and ‘you’ continue to be bad and stuff everyone else, then that is exactly what ‘you’ are supposed to do.

The same if ‘you’ are a drug addict, an alcoholic, a smoker, a sadist or a chicken livered coward, ‘you’ are meant to be exactly that, and if ‘you’ learn to stop being any of those things, ‘you’ are meant to learn, if ‘you’ don’t learn, then that’s what ‘you’ are supposed to be doing.

When ‘you’ have finished struggling through ‘your’ life either feeling ‘you’ have accomplished something or that ‘you’ have done nothing worthwhile – that ‘you’ are a better person for it or a worse person – it doesn’t matter one iota, ‘you’ will be no more.”…

Dan’s Quote: “The world out there is meant to fail, the world within is not.
______________So seek the world within, then you’ll know what’s what.”- D.B.

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