Virtual Reality 32


SULLY and Mia accompanied Yahweh as He meandered slowly through the gardens outside the conference centre. He was taking a break from His busy schedule. The ex-mortals continued to be amazed at the beauty that surrounded them wherever they went. The colours, the sounds, the perfumes were literally, heavenly.

Mia stopped suddenly in her tracks, Sully, taken by surprise asked her what was wrong? “Nothing at all,” she replied, “I’ve just remembered a song that we often heard while we were mortal. ‘I’ll Walk With God’ and here we are doing exactly that, walking with Yahweh. It’s hard to believe we are actually doing it.”

Yahweh smiled at them both, “Yes, souls are often surprised to find that I am not some high and mighty God who is aloof from them but actually their friend who enjoys being with them, whether walking or talking. I am always there for everyone whether mortal, or immortal as you both are now, after all, we are all one.”

“Why don’t you call yourself God,” Mia hesitantly asked. “Because,” answered Yahweh, “the word God has been maligned so much by religious zealots to suit their own particular doctrines and isms since well before the Bible, so to call myself that would bring up visions of a vindictive, judgmental, bearded old man in a long white robe.” “You’re certainly not that,” Sully remarked.

“No I’m not” He answered, “I prefer Yahweh as it has no physical garbage attached to it and anyway it’s legit. Yahweh is actually my name as it appears in Hebrew, where it is written without vowels as יהוה  (YHWH). It is not my real name either of course but I find that souls are more comfortable calling me that rather than God.

Come, it is time to return to the auditorium, the natives will be getting restless” Yahweh joked. On arrival, He mounted the podium once more to complete his discussion on physical disabilities that souls would need to take into account when drawing up their respective agendas for their upcoming human simulations.

“There are many different types of human disabilities apart from the one that Sharon is suffering from,” Yahweh began.  “Although it is not required for you to experience every variation of an illness, as learning souls, you will need a basic knowledge of all human afflictions, both physical and mental.

The lesson to learn in all handicaps is the same, unconditional acceptance of yourself and your life situation exactly as it is now. If the affliction is permanent, the choice is to either accept that fact and experience the illness for the lessons it holds, or suffer by wishing that things were different. In other words, not accepting the yoke you are wearing.

While you are ‘Unknowing’, you will not understand this. Neither will the rest of mankind, for they will believe, as you will, that human life is all there is and any physical impairment unnecessary, therefore all human adversities, especially disabling ones are unfortunate and all sufferers need to be pitied.

That is not so. As I mentioned before, Earth is simply a classroom that facilitates the learning process. Every person on Earth who suffers from such hardships is in truth, a soul like you, who has purposely chosen a particular dis-ease to enable the full experience of it and the inherent lessons to be learned.

While you are simulating a  mortal human being you will believe firmly that mankind is something special, but the truth is that the human body is simply an avenue through which the soul can experience physical life with all its pain and shortfalls, that’s all.

You will also be ignorant of the fact that you chose to be afflicted, that all illnesses have a purpose and in reality you are a perfect, eternal, inquisitive, fun loving soul who is eager to know itself in form and that a human lifetime is but an instant in your everlasting existence…

Dan’s Quote: “In your daily life use caution in the place of fear…
______________and observation in the place of judgment.”- D.B.

Top photo: Al Ain Paradise Gardens, United Arab Emirates.

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