Virtual Reality 31


EVERY soul in the congregation stood and cheered as one at the end of Yahweh’s summation. Of course Sharon still had the rest of her life to live, what with bearing her children and unbeknownst to her, continuing to learn the lessons of life assigned to her by Sera, her emotions would continue to switch between happy/sad as her mind slipped inadvertently from the present moment into the past and future at times.

Yahweh rounded off this session by saying, “As with Sharon, there is a state of mind that whilst simulating a human, you will not understand. The Earth that you appear to be living in is only your perception of Earth. Changing your perception as Sharon has, changes your world.

Yes, you have a lifetime agenda that may consist of many trials and tribulations and as each lesson is learned, another one takes its place, but that need not alter your overall perception in a positive, congenial world where every event is to purposely assist your development and that you and your world is evolving exactly as it should.

There is an old saying on Earth, that I actually placed there long ago to help guide mankind forward, and that is, “The Kingdom of Heaven Lies Within” – or within the mind of every human being lies a positive, loving world that can be accessed at any time by simply perceiving it. By the way, this kingdom has nothing to do with mankind’s dogmatic, religious kingdom.

That is why two people living close by each other see different worlds, one happy, one sad. Both human beings have the same Kingdom of Heaven within them. Only one allows it to shine through by perceiving the world as positive and good, no matter what,  while the other represses it with negative dark thoughts, perceiving the world as bad, no matter what. It is up to each of you, which world you simulate.”

During the conference, both Sera and Pim had returned regularly to their PSPR’s to carry on the simulations of Sharon and Bazza although they never left the congregation or missed one word of Yahweh’s speech, for there is no time element on the Spiritual Plane. That would be difficult for human’s to understand, but luckily there was no need to.

Sera was the talkative one naturally and she took great pleasure in informing Yahweh and the congregation that Sharon’s pregnancy was coming along just fine and that both her and Bazza had discovered during one of Sharon’s routine medical examinations that they were actually going to have twins.

Now that Sharon realized that she was beautiful just exactly as she was without changing a thing – and in fact as Bazza often pointed out, beautiful enough to take his breath away, she joked merrily with him that because of her size, no one would be able to tell how many babies were in there anyway.

Sera was ecstatic that the lesson had been so well learned as Sharon’s attitude now was a far cry from what it used to be. Sera and Pim knew all about the twins of course as they had organized the pregnancy. For the babies simulations, they had already chosen soul mates Cher and Bim who had the appropriate life agendas.

The soul mates too had chosen Sera and Pim’s mix of agendas to enable them to learn the lessons they needed to learn. They were delighted to have Sharon and Bazza as their future parents and because the lesson of obesity had been learned, neither of the twins would need to suffer from it as Sharon wasn’t required to suffer the same debility twice, even in a secondary sense.

Feeling refreshed, Yahweh mounted the podium to continue his discussion on the other disabilities that were available for inclusion in a soul’s human life simulation if needed…

Dan’s Quote: “A lifetime of human suffering is ‘notime’ in eternity.”- D.B.

PSPR: Personal Sphere of Perceived Reality.

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