Virtual Reality 30


“FOR those who have not been involved in Sharon’s life situation, I would now like to give you a rundown of Sera’s simulation right up to its present stage of development.” Yahweh was beginning his summation of Sharon’s life. “You need to be aware that Sharon’s obesity has nothing whatsoever to do with what she eats or how much exercise she manages to do.

She has what is termed on the Physical Plane as a ‘genetic’ disorder. In reality, Sharon’s ‘genetic’ disorder is the programming set up by Sera before Sharon’s simulation began as part of her lifetime learning agenda. It would allow Sera to experience this type of disability and attempt to come to terms with it through Sharon’s mind, (a mix of an ‘Unknowing’ Sera and negative Egor) where the cause of her problem lay.

It was actually Sharon’s Egor that was programmed with this ‘genetic’ information as Egor is the negative element in Sharon’s PSPR. Lack of self worth, emotional trauma caused by other people’s reactions to her size etc, were all generated in her mind by the negative Egor – of which Sharon unconsciously took notice – thus causing her to have a fairly negative and depressive perception of life.

Sera’s agenda was for Sharon’s body to remain overweight for her lifetime. The lesson to be learned was in her mental attitude to obesity, not the physical affliction itself. The challenge for Sera was to overcome Egor’s negative influence, allowing Sharon to unconditionally accept her body and herself the way it was.

That was Sharon’s problem, she couldn’t accept herself the way she was rather, she perceived herself as being fat and ugly and unlovable. This perception of herself was projected onto her PSPR, so that is what she saw in the outside world. Hence, her world was one of negativity, ridicule, sneering side glances together with an outlook of abject hopelessness.

The lesson was for Sharon to learn to unconditionally accept herself in the now moment, the only moment there really is. Her perception of self needed to change. If she could realize that she was really okay exactly as she is now, that perception would be projected onto her PSPR and her world would change immeasurably.

Magically, the snide remarks and the side glances would disappear, other people would be more friendly and accepting of who she was – as she was now more accepting of herself – making the world Sharon projected out there more positive and welcoming. That was easy for the ‘Knowing’ Sera, but for Sharon, this was a daunting task.

Her mind constantly strayed from the safety zone of the present moment, instead it wandered between the regrettable memories of an overweight past to the depressing anticipations of an overweight future, while all the time wishing she was slim and beautiful, not fat and ungainly as she believed she was.

This suited Egor nicely, for the past and the future were Egor’s favourite domains where the unrelenting negative assault on Sharon could continue. Egor though had an Achilles heel, it was impossible for Egor to exist in the present moment, so if Sharon’s mind could remain there under Sera’s influence, she was safe and her positive side would shine brightly through.

Thanks to Sera’s guidance and Sharon’s tenacity, she has been successful in combating Egor’s determined attempts at sabotaging her well being and is now happy with her life. You deserve a round of applause Sera.”

Yahweh concluded, “Sera’s lifetime experience as Sharon is certainly noteworthy, but it is just one of the many types of physical and mental disabilities that you can choose to experience as part of your human life agenda. Some of these I will discuss shortly”…

Dan’s Quote: “I am perfect the way I am, that is enough.”- D.B.

PSPR: Personal Sphere of Perceived Reality.

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