Virtual Reality 29


YAHWEH mounted the lectern and addressed the souls in the audience, “Remember that everything you experience whilst simulating a human being has a purpose to it. On the physical Earth there are no accidental occurrences. All are lessons that you have set for yourself to learn so that when you transition, you can fully appreciate your eternal home as Sully and Mia are now doing.

Right now you are ‘Knowing’ but when you enter your PSPR  you will become ‘Unknowing’ – in other words you will forget who you truly are for the duration of the human lifetime – You will then believe you are the human being you are simulating, which will allow you to learn the lessons that you have elected to learn.

While you believe you are a human being you will falsely assume that you have both the responsibility and the ability to fix the failings of the Earth and everything on it, but you will be mistaken. The Earth is meant to be that way. It is only a classroom in which you learn your lessons of life.

No matter how positive your attitude to physical life may become as a human being, you will never experience a 100% positive physical Earth for the simple reason that whilst you are a human being, you are cocooned within a frail, finite physical body that is negatively programmed for failure – and it will fail.”

During a break in the conference, Yahweh sought out Sera who was sitting with Pim and their friends, Sol and Mae. “How is Sharon coping now, Sera?” Yahweh knew the answer to the question of course but he liked to engage his souls in conversation as he was genuinely interested in their thoughts.

“Life is going better than expected for Sharon, taking into account that she is living a life on Earth,” Sera smilingly replied. “Ever since she has learned to accept herself exactly as she is, her depression and lack of self worth have vanished into thin air, she is happy and content with her body as it is and her life in general.”

Sera informed Yahweh that Bazza had suffered a leg wound in Afghanistan that made him finally decide he’d had enough of war and violence. He felt it was high time for him to came home permanently to Sharon and make a life together. Sera added that while reading the local paper recently, Sharon had accidently came across a for sale advertisement for Sully’s old childhood home.

It was too good to miss as Sully had taken them there during leave from active service in Afghanistan and they had loved the old house so much with all the fruit trees and expansive lawns and now they were in the process of purchasing it. Once they moved in, they planned to re-establish Sully’s father’s vegetable garden, where Sully had indicated it used to be.

Both Sully and Mia were chuffed at the thought that Sharon and Bazza would own what was to Sully, a very special place. The old house held a lot of his early physical life memories, even though he and Mia were enjoying its spiritual equivalent on the Heavenly Plane.

“After sealing the deal with the house, Bazza and Sharon have decided that it is time for children and in fact, there is a fair chance Sharon maybe pregnant,” said Sera laughingly, for she was excited by the prospect of having a child.

The truth was of course, Sharon was pregnant as that was under the control of the ‘Knowing’ Sera and the soul that she had chosen to eventually simulate the new baby. This event would allow Sera to continue Sharon’s lifetime agenda and learn more lessons about physical life.

“Thank you for the update Sera,” Yahweh replied, “You’ll be relieved to know that I’ll be summing up your simulation of Sharon next.” “Oh goodie,” Sera gleefully exclaimed…

Dan’s Quote: “Everyone of our failings and mistakes in life are self inflicted.”- D.B.

PSPR: Personal Sphere of Perceived Reality.

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