Virtual Reality 28


ANIMATED debate eagerly passed between spirits throughout Heaven’s auditorium as Yahweh took a break from his speech. He did this on purpose occasionally, to allow the assembly time to digest what he was discussing. He realized of course that all souls were ‘Knowing’ – but it never hurts to review the truth – plus it was a good excuse for a get together.

Sera approached Yahweh and in a soft voice asked, “Yahweh, when are you going to speak about Sharon’s life? I don’t want to appear impatient but I am eager to hear your summation.” Yahweh smiled warmly at Sera. He accepted all souls as equals and had always insisted that he be addressed on a first name basis.

Pompous self prefixes such as My Lord, Your Eminence or Your Holiness were false titles invented by and attached to human beings that falsely purported to represent him on Earth. In truth, their souls had been overwhelmed by Egor, so had yet quite a few more human life simulations to go before they learned that such titles were manmade and only strengthened Egor’s supremacy over their life.

“I am very impressed with your work with Sharon, Sera, your simulation is worthy of being the focal point of this meeting, but first I must bring everyone up to date with the purpose of human life for the benefit of new spirits such as Sully and Mia, who although they are now ‘Knowing’, listening to a short history on the objectives of human life will help them understand why Sharon’s life is so successful.”

Yahweh stepped up to the podium, “The success of a human life lies equally within the minds of  all mankind, from the more positive person to the more negative person. It is up to each individual to firstly have the honest desire to change their life situation, then to get out of their own way and simply trust and be receptive to their inner voice.

Every human being has an inner voice, although most human minds are so full of noisy thoughts of the dead past and hoped for future, that they cannot hear that voice above the din. It can only be heard in the ‘now’ moment, a place that not too many people visit. Trusting in something other than the habitual human mind is essential for any sort of beneficial and permanent change.”

Sully raised his hand, “Yahweh, you say that all humans perceive their world differently depending on their beliefs and it is up to them to learn to look at life in a more positive manner, yet their soul has an agenda of lessons to learn during the simulation that the human being does not appear to have any control over”

Yahweh replied, “The learning of lessons is a separate issue to a person’s perception of life. The positive person has missions to complete, set down by their soul before their life began, exactly the same as the negative person, only the positive person’s attitude to life will make learning the lessons a lot smoother and easier – and even more enjoyable – than the person with a negative attitude to life.

The Physical Plane self is a mixture of the ‘Unknowing’ soul coupled with Egor. A soul that is ‘Unknowing’ is there to fulfil its agenda by learning the lessons it set out to accomplish before the simulated life began. The more a Physical Plane self (human being) takes notice of the negative Egor, the harder those lessons will be for them to learn.

A positive person takes heed of their soul (their inner voice) when making life decisions to exactly the same degree to which they allow the positive Earth to shine through onto their PSPR. The negative Earth and Egor will still influence their life drama but to a much lesser extent than that of a negative person.

In other words every human has a choice to either accept the challenges of life with trust and good humour or be dragged kicking and screaming all the way through life’s lessons”…

Dan’s Quote: “A sure cure for the ailments of life…
_____________is to remove the ‘my’ from my life and just live life.”- D.B.

Top photo: The time is always ‘NOW‘. PSPR: Personal Sphere of Perceived Reality.

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