Virtual Reality 27


WHISPERED excitement permeated the heavenly gathering. Yahweh was about to speak. He had arranged an assemblage of spirits including Sully and Mia plus their souls, Sol and Mae. Sera and Pim were also invited, but as their human simulations were still in progress, Sharon and Bazza could not attend.

All were summoned by Yahweh to discuss Sharon’s lifetime – Sera’s latest simulation. He often held these impromptu meetings to highlight a successful simulation so as to assist souls when it came to choosing the agendas for their own upcoming missions – also the talk kept everyone abreast on the progress of Creation.

Before Yahweh discussed any particular simulation, he usually began with a talk on the reasoning behind the Dream for the benefit of all spirits. Sully and Mia were especially invited as it was their first attendance. He also wanted to re-emphasise the true purpose of human life to all present. Thus He began his opening address…

“Neither the Spiritual Plane nor the Physical Plane exist. They are only a dream. They both include an Earth that on the Physical Plane is 100% negative and on the Spiritual Plane is 100% positive. Because there is really no time or space, both the positive Earth and the negative Earth exist in no place, superimposed on each other, so to speak.

Every human being experiences a mixture of both worlds to some degree. That degree is controlled by their perception of life. The more one perceives the world as a pleasant and safe place to be, the more that person will project the positive Earth onto their PSPR and thus will experience a happy and secure living environment.

Conversely, the more a person perceives the world as an unpleasant and dangerous place to be, the more that person will project the negative Earth onto their PSPR and thus will experience an unhappy, perilous existence in a life threatening environment. The degree of belief either way creates the diversity of life.

That is why two people can live in close proximity to each other where one who perceives the world as negative experiences a life filled with fights, arguments, pain and sorrow, whilst at the same time on the other side of town, a person who perceives their world as positive experiences a life filled with relative joy and happiness.

Both are living in exactly the same world, only their ways of perceiving it are different. The difference is within their minds, not in the world out there where both worlds are equally presented. There is a law of creation that says, ‘Never the twain shall meet’. Although they live close by, the more positive person will not come into close contact with the more negative person and vice versa.

There is also another law of creation, ‘One cannot regress.’ The person who perceives life in a positive manner cannot be dragged back down to the level of their negative neighbour. They must always progress forwards. That is why a negative person will not be recognized as such by a positive person. They have nothing in common.

If a positive person does come across a negative person at all, it will be from a distance, where they may feel some compassion, but would firmly believe that the other’s situation is self inflicted, thus deserving of what they get and it is up to that person to stop being so lazy, get off their arse and do something for themselves.

On the other hand, the negative person cannot be coerced into improving their life by a more positive person. That would only exacerbate the situation as the negative person would regard the positive person as being just some lucky bastard who has had all the breaks and is being a smart-ass know all, trying to stick their nose into things that don’t concern them. Again, they have nothing in common”…

Dan’s Quote: “What we perceive to be real in life, we manifest in our mind as reality.”- D.B.

Top photo: Sunrise over the Earth.- PSPR: Personal Sphere of Perceived Reality.

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