Virtual Reality 23


SULLY’S life script had been written and uploaded into Egor’s computer/mind well before his life had begun, including his penchant for nicotine, alcohol and other substances, plus his upcoming friendship with mates who just happened to smoke, a life situation that would set Sully up for the lessons Sol needed to learn.

Sol was Sully. The ‘Unknowing’ Sol was Sully’s mind together with Egor’s unconsciousness, a combination that allowed the lesson to be presented to Sol through Sully’s Physical Plane self and hopefully learned.

Sol -Sully’s true self was the student, the leaner – not Sully. Who Sully thought he was, (Egor) was only a physical vehicle in which the lessons would be presented to Sol. His body was expendable if the lessons failed – or even if they were successful, for Sully’s body was finite, come what may it had to end.

Sully died eventually anyway from a gunshot wound to the chest in Afghanistan because another of Sol’s missions was to experience and learn about human aggression, hate and anger, giving Sully firstly the choice to join the army, then to murder his opponents or not, another lesson not learned during the Sully simulation.

The Sully who transitioned to the Spiritual Plane was a different Sully than the one on earth in that Egor was missing. The same Sully with Sol identity intact, then had a completely different outlook on himself and the true understanding of existence – without Egor’s negative yolk, Sully was ‘Knowing’.

The ‘Knowing’ Sol knew that addiction is an unconscious craving within the human mind with the sole purpose of gaining something (pleasure, satisfaction, revenge, love etc) from outside. Addictions are no different to any other form of unconsciousness, cruelty, murder, rape, criminality. All are just the same. The sufferer is looking outside for something to ease the pain inside.

The key word here is ‘unconscious’. If  Sully is unconscious of what he is doing, then the lesson can’t be learned. If he is forever looking outside of the mind to either feed/fuel his habit, whether cigarettes or anger, or whatever, or for help in alleviating his unwanted habits, he is lost. The answer isn’t ‘Out There’.

The answer to this quandary has been given to mankind repeatedly from time immemorial. ‘Look within’. Become consciously aware of what you are doing in the now moment. See the addiction in its present state. Don’t let it unconsciously control you. Constantly make it conscious.

Be like Sully who suddenly realized that his smoking addiction lay within his mind, not out there in a packet of cigarettes. From then on Sully never tried to stop smoking, but he made damn sure he was consciously aware every time the craving raised its ugly head.

He remained aware as he got the packet out of his pocket, pulled out a fag, fished around for the lighter, lit the smoke and took a drag. Most of his smoking life he had performed all these actions automatically, (unconsciously) without realizing it. First there was the craving then- abracadabra – he was smoking a cigarette.

Sully remained conscious of himself every time he smoked until he could see just how ridiculous smoking was. Then his chances of quitting were excellent. He gave up just before he was shot in the chest in Afghanistan.

Sol was the one who learned the lesson. Sol was the one who crossed ‘nicotine addiction’ off his to do list. Sol is Sully’s true self – our soul is our true self – it is our soul that is directing our life and learning lessons, not you and me, we are just along for the ride, we can take our hands off the steering wheel and simply enjoy the journey.

All negative experiences that originate in the mind of man are lessons to be learned, but there are also many others that originate in the body of man that are not so much lessons to learn, but life situations to experience, like for instance, physical disabilities…

Dan’s Quote: “Learn to correct causes in human events, not effects.”- Vernon Howard

Top Photo: ‘Mental Storms’. Approaching storm over the homestead, Dave Burt West NSW

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