Virtual Reality 22


SULLY began smoking on the sly when he was around 12 years old, some 2 years after his Dad died. His Mum had suffered greatly from the loss, and her control over Sully had slackened somewhat since the death. As a youngster he spent his leisure time knocking about with his mates down at the footy club where one of the boys would always bring along a packet of contraband cigarettes.

By the time he turned 15 he was fully hooked. He had left school by then and had a steady job so could afford tailor-mades, although when he was a bit skint, he enjoyed rolly’s just as much. It was just that taily’s were quicker than buggerizing around with tobacco and papers.

The tars and nicotine in the cigarettess eventually began to affect Sully’s body resulting in his frequent efforts to at least cut down, but when Mia was killed, he gave up the ghost and sucked down the fags like there was no tomorrow. He hit the bottle hard as well and his life began the downhill spiral towards an early death.

His decision to join the army was his saving grace, it gave him an aim in life, a purpose and it helped him forget Mia to some small degree. He still couldn’t give up the fags or grog though, but now at least, he wasn’t stuffing so much booze, smoke and all that shit down his throat all the time.

He was amazed at the amount of money governments all over the world spent on advertising, trying to scare people into giving up the weed. Billboards, TV, Cigarette packaging itself, was all plastered with horrible pictures of rotten teeth and flesh or brown gooey lungs and ‘SMOKING IS A HEALTH HAZARD’ was signposted everywhere he looked.

Absolutely none of it worked. Wasted money Sully figured. A lot of the do-gooders, spruiking the health hazard message were probably wardrobe smokers themselves and were in it for the money they could earn from making non-smoking propaganda – don’t do as I do, do as I say.

He had seen all the annoying ads and every time he opened a pack there were those pesky, grotesque pictures, but it made no difference. He was a smoker, there was a craving inside of him that needed satisfying and some self righteous prick who thought they knew better could go to hell. What would they know about what was inside of him?

Sully suddenly realized that governments and regulatory bodies were looking in the wrong place, (barking up the wrong tree as his old mate used to say) the addictions were inside of him, not out there in the world. They were trying to eliminate the effects of smoking, not the cause. The cause was all in the smokers mind.

Before Sully was born, Sol was organizing an agenda for his next simulation. He had yet to fully experience many of human life’s dependencies on artificial stimulants and depressants, especially nicotine and alcohol.

It was in fact, nicotine addiction that was one of his missions in his last lifetime but he had failed to learn the lesson and the human life was aborted (died of cancer) when still fairly young, so it had to be added to his missions in his new life.

Sol’s agenda, with its life situations that he would hopefully learn and conquer this time around were all programmed into the new Egor that would be in control of the physical body to some extent while Sol was ‘Unknowing’.

His new simulation was Sully of course and as he grew up, the pre-programmed lessons began to take shape in Sully’s life, including his craving for nicotine.

Sol needed to experience the addiction and learn the lesson it held, allowing the deletion of one mission forever off the list, if not, the physical Sully could possibly die of lung cancer or related diseases associated with smoking and Sol would once more need to add that unlearned lesson to his next simulation…

Dan’s Quote: “The solution to mankind’s addictions won’t be found ‘Out There’…
_____________We need to look inside our own mind for the answers.”- Danny Brand

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