Virtual Reality 21


AWARENESS is all there is, there is nothing else, there can’t be any-thing else, there is no space to put anything else. There is no separation, there is only The One and that Oneness is Awareness. Awareness has always been, it cannot ever have not been. It Is What Is and always has been What Is, our true selves.

Not only is Sully/Mia/Us a dream of Sol/Mae/Our Soul and they in turn only dreams of Yahweh, Yahweh is only a dream of Awareness. Yahweh or God, could be classed as the most senior Soul so to speak and what Awareness uses to experience Itself in form (a physical life of flesh).

When Sully and Mia were ‘alive’ under Egor’s influence, they were fearful of anything spiritual, (which meant the end of Egor) so Yahweh and God became manmade names to make them (and us) feel safer while we lived out our lives. Strangely, mankind tends to get some sort of self assurance out of putting knowing tags on anything unknown.

Awareness is who we all really are. As we have discovered before, we can get a glimpse of that Awareness simply by closing our eyes and stopping thought for a moment. That awareness within our mind is the boundless, limitless Awareness we are discussing. Because our awareness also includes our ego, we call it, self-awareness.

Our self-awareness has a name, a body, a past history, a hoped for future, a present situation, family and loved ones, a community, a society, a town/city/state/country and nationality. This is the ego’s small part of awareness. Each of us has a separate self-awareness because we appear to live in a world of separation.

Our Awareness however is exactly the same Awareness that is in all of us – and all living creatures. Our Awareness is not separate as our self-awareness is, but an extension of the One Awareness. Our Awareness and self-awareness appears to be in our mind, but where exactly is our mind?

It is not in the brain, that is only the body’s computer hardware with the ego being the computer’s software. If we are relaxed with our eyes shut, we will find it impossible to pinpoint just exactly where our mind is. Even science today can’t work that one out.

The truth is that our mind is not in our head or anywhere else in our body. Our body is within our mind. Our mind is Awareness Itself – dreaming. We arenot the dreamers at all – we are being dreamed of. Even more devastating to our touchy self esteem is the startling fact that we aren’t even the players in the game of life.

Rather, we are only pawns in a game of cosmic chess, a dispensable, non-reusable piece of flesh that can be sacrificed if need be. And once we have been knocked off the board, that’s it forever, we don’t come back, it is eternal oblivion for us, we are no more – ever.

The emphasis here is on we, the person we think we are. The person in our head. By firmly believing we are our ego, our society makes the rules and every society is different. We are like Sully, Sully’s society forces him to go out and kill his own kind for instance – and himself – for the good of the righteous and free world.

Meanwhile Sully’s enemies are following their society’s same rules, only they are the righteous and free ones. It is only when Sully transitions to the Spiritual Plane that he realizes that we are all one and the same. While Sully is playing the game though, he and his enemies are expendable pawns in the battle of life.

When they transition, they leave that expendable, finite part of themselves (the person they think they are) behind them on the battle field of Earth…

Dan’s Quote: “At the end of life, we leave our human rubbish behind.”- Danny Brand

Top photo: Anyone for a game of ‘Cosmic Chess?’

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