Virtual Reality 20


REPRESENTING you and I in this story (and every other human being on Earth, past, present and future) is Sully and Mia. While living a life on Earth, their minds are a combination of Sol/Mae and Egor, making up the personality they think they are, enabling them to experience the contrasts between positive and negative influences that they are here to learn about.

Sol and Mae represent our souls, the positive side within us. Egor represents our ego, the negative side within us. When Sully/Mia/Us physically die, Egor/ego must leave the field for they are finite, only the infinite Sol/Mae/Soul can remain. Thus, the positive side has won a game over the negative side.

Even if we do not conquer our negativities during one lifetime, and we won’t,  the positives within us have the advantage over the negatives – our positive side is eternal, Sol/Mae/Our Soul simply return for another shot at a game of life on the Physical Plane to learn what we have missed out on last time.

The negative side cannot win, all Sol/Mae/Our Soul really needs to do, if nothing else, is patiently wait for the negativities to dissolve into the nothingness from which they came.
For Egor/ego, oblivion is waiting at the end of each lifetime.

Sol/Mae/Our Soul must acquire a fresh Egor/ego each lifetime to be able to carry on experiencing the negativities and learn about physical life on our Planet Earth.

Sol, positive/plus ‘u‘ = Soul, Mae, positive/plus ‘t‘ = Mate, together they are Soul Mates, our eternal spiritual selves. Their opponent in the game of life is Egor. Egor, negative/minus ‘r‘ = ego.

Ego is the finite part of us that is left behind on Earths playing field when we have won the game. Sully/Mia/Us minus Egor/ego = Our true identity, the person we really are.

The strange thing is though,  Sol/Mae/Sully/Mia/all of us do not exist, we are a dream of Yahweh dreaming of multiple souls dreaming of human lifetimes, learning what physical life can be with a bit of work – and fun – advancing in expertise as lifetimes are lived, slowly learning to eradicate negativity, winning the game of good over evil.

Yahweh is also called God. God is the Leader of the positive side. God, positive/plus ‘o‘ = Good. Yahweh’s opponent in the game of life is Satan. Satan is also known as the devil, the leader of the negative side. The devil, negative/minus ‘d‘ = evil.

Satan will continue to oppose Yahweh until all of man’s negativities are eradicated through the learning experience, then, with his disciple ego, Satan will be cast into the pit of oblivion and be no more. This will not end the physical life experience however – but it will be a New Earth experience.

Mother Nature’s furies, fire, flood, wind and rain will still ravage us, ailments of the physical body will still affect us, human accidents will still devastate us and overpopulation will necessitate us conquering space to enable all Earth’s creatures to spread out and inhabit other planets. These challenges will give mankind plenty to get our teeth into for many more lifetimes to come.

The only thing eradicated will be mans cruelty towards man – and other creatures – equally, our needless cruelty towards our own selves. The suffering of depression, anger, frustration, self hate.

With the ever maturing human species, all these negativities will be permanently erased from the slate of life, for they are all within our mind – not out there. What a wonderful future that is to look forward to.

But there is one more truth that has not yet been told in this story. Yahweh does not exist either, He is also a part of the One Dream…

Dan’s Quote: “We are all special players in the game of life…
_____________predetermined winners in a game we cannot lose.”- Danny Brand

Top photo: ‘Peaceful Valley.’ Hinterland, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.
Hope you all had a lovely Easter.

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