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OCCASIONALLY, an extremely negativity human life drama needs to be experienced by a host of souls. In these instances, Yahweh gathers a collective together that have not been exposed to this negative force before, then chooses a teacher to impart the message the same way as he chose an advanced soul to simulate the human Jesus.

All souls that have not experienced this particular negativity are invited to participate. It is completely voluntary of course but every soul must eventually experience all negativities extreme or not, if they want to advance up the pathway to Yahweh – and all want to – and eventually will.

There are many extreme negativities, but one that stands out in mankind’s modern history is persecution. Sol had already experienced this negativity (and learned the lessons it held) in Roman times at the hands of Caesar, so he never needs to experience it again, but there were many more souls who had not.

There is no such thing as nationality or ethnicity on the Spiritual Plane, all souls are equally the same, for in reality there is only oneness, so the  learning group only becomes classified for the sake of the lessons that need to be experienced and learned once physical simulations begin on the Physical Plane.

Since some had not fully experienced persecution in their physical life drama, Yahweh chose the Jewish people as the core group whose physical ancestry can be traced back to earlier human simulations of the patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the second millennium of the drama of mankind’s journey towards enlightenment.

For the teacher, Yahweh needed to elect an advanced soul that would be capable of handling a malevolent simulation such as the one being organized. Unlike the Jesus simulation, this time the doors of the human mind would be kept tightly shut, giving Egor almost complete control of the PSPR.

To add to the drama, the soul was instructed to urge Egor into being even more tyrannical than he would be acting on his own, by contributing intelligence and cunning to Egor’s habitual stupidity. This soul, although advanced, was chosen by Yahweh because he still had the life experiences yet unlearned that were needed for the role.

These were the same reasons Yahweh chose the soul for the role of the human simulation, Jesus. Although Jesus’ agenda was to impart Yahweh’s benevolent message to humanity, it was no accident that he was also persecuted and nailed on the cross. They were all lessons for that soul to learn, which of course he did.

The simulated human used for the teacher of persecution this time around was named Hitler. Mankind may be abhorred by the seeming cruelty and violence perpetrated by such heinous villains, but on the Spiritual Plane, they are applauded. This is incomprehensible at the moment to the ‘Unknowing’ human mind.

Other souls were also involved in playing the villain in the physical drama of persecution, although most of them were chosen because they were lesser souls that were easily overcome by Egor’s wily ways. Simulations such as Göring, Goebbles, Himmler and Hess, would after physical death, all return to Hell (Earth) for quite a few more lifetimes.

There they would re-live lessons not learned, including persecution, in other human lives where they would experience being a victim of persecution instead of perpetrator. These repeat lives would continue until the lessons were learned and acts of persecution were replaced with acts of compassion…

Dan’s Quote: “Persecution is a human failing that must be conquered 
_____________and replaced by loving compassion.”- Danny Brand

Top photo: Auschwitz concentration camp.

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