Virtual Reality 18


APART from Sol needing to undergo non violent life experiences, which every living human being suffers from to some degree, Sol also needs to experience bodily dis-eases of all kinds, plus eating disorders such as obesity and anorexia and all the other maladies and deformities that affect the physical human body.

The average soul can work through these disorders fairly quickly, maybe a lifetime for each disorder, but if there are specific lessons to be learned (perhaps carried over from lessons repeatedly not learned in past lives) a soul may need more than one lifetime to work through and overcome them.

Once they are conquered however, a soul never needs to experience that debility again for they are all only physical life lessons. There is nothing faulty with the soul or the human being who is experiencing the malady. Only the finite physical body suffers – and the body is an illusion – a part of the Dream.

The spiritual human body is as perfect as the soul/true self that inhabits it. It is this body with its attached identity that transitions to the ‘Knowing’ of the Spiritual Plane. All ‘Unknowing’ human beings are in reality, whole and perfect in every way, their failing physical bodies or minds are simply the vehicle through which lessons are to be learned.

In truth, all so called human “disorders” are really blessings, not yet understood by the ‘Unknowing’ human mind. Sol had to decide what his agenda would be for his next simulation and he was open to all offers. Occasionally Yahweh required a soul for a special mission.

Sol had been chosen once before when Yahweh offered him the role of Adam, the first of the modern humans at the beginning of mankind’s journey towards enlightenment. There have been other special missions since then, but they all went to souls more advanced than Sol.

A special classroom was allocated for these missions as Yahweh gathered a collective of souls that all needed to learn the same lessons. Sometimes these lessons were benevolent pointers that assisted man on the road to enlightenment (Knowing) and sometimes they were to expose souls to specific negative experiences.

Benevolent teachings have occurred many times since creation, most notably with the simulation of a human being named Jesus. Not the Jesus of religious dogma, but the real thing. Jesus was a soul simulating a human who was as ‘Unknowing’ as any other, but doorways in his mind were purposely left slightly ajar.

When the time was right, this allowed Jesus’ soul to experience the physical drama whilst ‘Knowing’ and as there is really only ‘Oneness’ it was in fact Yahweh – as the human Jesus. Jesus then knew what the average human never and during his simulation on Earth, he imparted Yahweh’s message to all who would listen.

His message also filtered through the ages as continual signposts pointing towards what mankind needs to do – and yet few heed that advice. When Jesus’ physical body died, it decomposed back into the earth as all other finite bodies do, it was his spiritual body that transitioned to the Spiritual Plane.

As it was with Sully and all other identities that experience physical life – and death, Jesus’ separate identity began by being forged in finite flesh on the Physical Plane but at the same time his identity, cloaked in his spiritual body was delivered to the oneness of Yahweh and eternity on the Spiritual Plane.

Jesus’ separate, self awareness continues eternally and because he is one of the most advanced souls, he does in fact sit on the right hand side of Yahweh. He is known on Earth as Christ, but in reality He is the ‘Knowing’ soul within all mankind…

Dan’s Quote: “The reality of the ‘Knowing’ Christ is entirely different
_____________from religion’s dogmatic portrayal of Christ.”- Danny Brand

Top photo: ‘A Guiding Light.’ Summer evening at the Jetty … Dennis Vogelsang, Gaythorne, Queensland.

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