Virtual Reality 17


SOL’S next human life plan, like all his others, was really quite simple. It must have a clearly defined objective,  yet allow Sol total free will. The simulation would include a complete personality, an agenda, a set of goals and missions to be completed, challenges to be overcome, people to meet, fears to be faced, and lessons to be learned.

Firstly, Sol needed to review the lessons he had to learn and there were still many, then gather the souls around him who would supply the necessary skills and attributes to simulate his parents and loved ones, plus the souls who would simulate his foes, antagonists and maybe even his killer, for although Sol had experienced violence during Sully’s simulation, there was still much to learn.

Sol’s main regret was that by simulating another human, he would once again have to contend with Egor. Although Sol hated to admit it, Egor was a necessary evil on the Physical Plane – but still, Sol did not like it.

Earth was a classroom and it’s students were souls. They were really no different to a human classroom in that there were a few ‘A’ grade students and a few ‘F’ grade students, but the majority were average like Sol. This was about the same spread of intelligence as the human population on Earth.

All souls were pure and positive when ‘Knowing’, but whilst they were ‘Unknowing’ some souls were completely overwhelmed by Egor, causing major problems with their learning. This meant that they would need to keep coming back, repeating a class several or more times before they learned the lesson.

It was the souls that failed their missions on Earth themselves who decided to repeat class, not Yahweh, as he was a compassionate and understanding teacher. Most times, these failed souls would forgo time on the Heavenly Plane, instead, opting to go straight back to Earth, hoping to learn the lessons assigned to them.

The reason they were so keen to learn and experience the contrasts between positive and negative (good and evil) was that the ultimate aim of all souls, including Sol, was to advance to the level of Yahweh. This ultimate purpose filtered through to the mind of man as a religious objective, ‘To be as Christ and sit on the right hand side of God.’

To reach that pinnacle though, Sol had to experience every facet of human life, which could be separated into two main categories. Firstly ‘Violence’- which included anything from petty crime to cruelty, murder, rape, torture, paedophilia, rage, war mongering and so on…

Secondly, ‘Non Violence’ – for even non violence is negative – this includes anger, greed, envy, lust, pride, vanity, spite, arrogance, selfishness and many more. Sol had to experience and learn from both the violent and the non violent experiences before he could advance along the pathway to Yahweh.

Sol was an average student, so he usually learned each lesson in one or two lifetimes, for if a lesson is not learned, it will be re-lived again and again until it is. The A grade students usually needed only one life simulation to learn the lessons set for that life, so were more advanced in learning than Sol.

The slow learners were behind Sol in their learning but there was no hurry for them, or Sol to catch up, for the Spiritual Plane was timeless and in reality, all souls were equal – except for the negative experiences on the Physical Plane – plus there was an incentive.

Yahweh often needed souls from both ends of the spectrum to perform special lifetime missions on the Physical Plane…

Dan’s Quote: “Who you think you are will not welcome the truth that will set you free..
______________But who you truly are will welcome it with open arms.”- Danny Brand

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