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BENEATH the false facade of separateness lay the Oneness of Yahweh, dreaming He is many souls, who in turn are dreaming they are many living forms, including humans. Sol is dreaming of his many lives, including Sully, who is having a Wow of a honeymoon with his beloved Mia.

It was time though for Sol to move on. You would think that’s impossible as Sol is Sully, so he would have to be where Sully was, but on the Spiritual Plane, that is not the case. Sully’s separate identity may have begun by being forged in finite flesh on the Physical Plane, but at the same time, his identity was delivered to the oneness of Yahweh on the Spiritual Plane.

There, Sully’s separate, self awareness could continue to experience his own existence eternally.  Sol is really Yahweh and yet Sol can seemingly experience life separate to Yahweh. It is the same for Sully. Sully can seemingly experience a different life to Sol and yet, they are one and the same, in reality, there is no separation.

The dualistic illusion of form on the Physical Plane makes us all appear to be separate from each other, making up the population of mankind on Earth, enabling the diversity of human life experiences needed for our true/eternal/soul/selves to learn.

It was time for Sol to begin arrangements for his next trip to the Physical Plane in a new PSPR. When all the organizing was finally complete, Sol would transition from the ‘Knowing’ of the Spiritual Plane to the ‘Unknowing’ of the Physical Plane.

Sol often referred to this as going ‘down’ to Hell (Earth). The same when he transitioned to the Spiritual Plane, he sometimes referred to it as going ‘up‘ to Heaven (from a hell on Earth).

Over time, this reference was misconstrued by humanity, becoming a myth to mean that hell was somewhere ‘down’ there. A hot world full of fire and brimstone, with a nasty devil waiting to stick a pitchfork into the bum of any poor soul that had the misfortune to be bad whilst alive.

Conversely, if they were good, they would go ‘up’ to Heaven, somewhere above. This myth, spread mainly by ‘Bible bashers’ to allay their own fears of whether they were good enough or not, was complete and utter baloney.

In reality, there is no time or space, so no one can really go anywhere. What Sol was referring to when he said go ‘up’ to heaven meant to go up in awareness, to go up in consciousness, to become enlightened – To’Know’.

The same applies in the reverse. To go ‘down’ to hell meant to go down in awareness, to go down from consciousness to unconsciousness, to regress down to unenlightenment – To ‘Unknowing’.

Every single person on earth, whether so called good or bad, goes to heaven when they die, every one of them, for in reality there are no ‘bad’ people. All so called badness is the negativity that is used as a learning tool and as a contrast to the positivity of everyone’s true home in Heaven.

Meanwhile on the Spiritual Plane, Sully and Mia were happily honeymooning, Mae was resting and Sol was about to decide what sort of a person he would be when he went down to a hell on Earth in his next human life simulation…

Dan’s Quote:We are all here for a purpose and that is to experience negative contrasts..
_____________Not to enjoy a life of positive bliss – that comes later.”- Danny Brand

Top Photo:  A picture of ‘Heaven and Hell’  by jay-peg. 

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