Virtual Reality 15


AMAZING, absolutely, bloody amazing! Sully and Mia were walking hand in hand along the main street of their old home town. It looked the same… yet different somehow. There was Sully’s old house where he had been born and raised. Surprisingly, it was still standing, though it’s paint was certainly not cracked and dry.

He loved his home, it was one of the many precious memories that he had carried with him in his heart while overseas. Sully’s sister Sandra and his brother Ken and wife Haley had also moved further afield, so after their Mother had died, they all reluctantly decided that they would rather the money, than the house.

They strolled through the front gate only to be assailed by the addictive aromas emanating from a barbeque sizzling away in the outdoor courtyard. All of his loved ones were there, laughingly chatting while sipping their cold drinks… including Bazza and Sully’s other mates from the army, who were trying valiantly to empty a bottomless keg of beer.

Sully was amazed that the house still seemed to belong to the family. He was even more amazed when he saw that his Dad’s veggie garden was there. They had levelled it and made it into a lawn after Dad had died as no one seemed keen on tending to it. His fruit trees were there too, overflowing with more fruit than Sully could remember.

A cypress hedge used to run down the side fence before they got rid of it, but it had magically regenerated itself somehow. When he was a kid, his Dad made him keep the hedge trimmed with an old pair of hedge clippers as part of his pocket money. Sully was unenthusiastic, so it had become rather misshapen over time.

He remembered that the hedge had brown patches caused by dead branches, but he became aware that there was no dead spots now and the hedge was trim, square and coloured the most beautiful dark green, while exuding the familiar smell of cypress that brought back memories of times past.. Whoever was looking after it now was doing a super job.

He looked around him, nothing was discoloured by death, the lawn was the greenest of green, the veggie garden was full of enormous white caulies and ruby red tomatoes, the fruit trees overflowed with plump ripe fruit. Even the old home itself was a sparkling brilliant white with a seemingly newly painted bright red roof.

There were no flies or insects except the peaceful sound of buzzing bees as they tended to the abundant flowers that appeared to be in full bloom everywhere he looked. Sully became aware of the fact that everything he had loved in his earthly life at home was there for him, in all its pristine glory.

Of course, Sully understood the truth of all this for he had experienced the thrill of coming home during many lifetimes as Sol. but it was still a thrill to lose oneself in the euphoria of this latest transition. Sully’s lifetime on Earth was fresh and ready to enjoy, newly imprinted in Sully/Sol and Mia/Mae’s mind.

This was the first of many tastings of the positive rewards earned from Sully’s lifetime in hell. Ahead, there were so many wonderful adventures for Sully and Mia to experience and plenty of timelessness to do it in…

Dan’s Quote: “The truth that we are meant to suffer during our life on Earth..
_____________does not go down well with us… or our society.”- Danny Brand

Top photo: ‘Virtual Heaven’- Noosa Resort on Australia’s Queensland Sunshine Coast.

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