Virtual Reality 14


MISSION SUCCESSFUL squawked the intercom – simulation complete – preparing for computer shut down – Standing by for Egor decommissioning. Sully’s PSPR was now in automatic mode. It would be reformatted and reprogrammed for the next human life simulation. Sol quietly transitioned to the Spiritual Plane.

It was this PSPR that Sol had been piloting when he had recently spent time with Mae on Paradise Island while the simulation was asleep in his barracks on the last night before Sully’s final day of ‘Unknowing’ on Earth. When Sully stirred, Sol returned to the Physical Plane to complete his agenda.

Everyone was there to greet Sully. He was still bemused as he fumbled with the reality of it all. He was supposed to be dead and yet, here he was alive and kicking. “Who’s that over there?”… “Well I’ll be buggered, it’s Dad, I don’t believe it… it’s been such a long time since I’ve seen him… and there’s Mum standing by his side with a big smile on her face. Shit! It’s just not possible”… But it was.

Sully hurried across to his parents and tenderly but hesitantly embraced them both, something he thought he would never do again. “It’s all over Ben”, his father said softly, “your agenda is complete, you don’t have to suffer the pain anymore – you’re home at last.”

All the people that were ever important to him were there to greet Sully. The ones like his Mum and Dad that had died before him, plus all his other loving friends that had previously passed on… Plus many others, as well as his army mates… and Bazza that were still living a life on Earth. They were all there – everyone.

Sully was initially surprised to see that some of his enemy ‘Towel Heads’ were also there. Then he remembered that they were souls too, helping him to complete his missions, in fact, he recalled that he had arranged for them to play a part in his life drama before he began the Sully lifetime simulation. Not only were some of the ‘Towel Heads’ decent blokes he realized – they all were.

Sully was equally surprised that his identity remained intact. His awareness of himself as Ben Sullivan and his past never dissolved into Sol, he had always been Sol – the ‘Unknowing’ Sol. The only part of him missing was his negativities, including his anger and hatred for his fellow man, he had left them behind on the battlefield with the now redundant Egor.

Sully’s attention was caught by the most beautiful, yet familiar face in the crowd. Would wonders never cease, it was Mia, waiting in the background for Sully to come to terms with what was happening to him. He raced over to her and although his body was as light as a feather, his steps were heavy with emotion.

To Sully, all his Christmases had come at once. Sully/Sol took Mia/Mae into his aching, loving arms and tenderly kissed her on her soft sweet lips. It really did feel like heaven as the sparks of electricity shot between them as they tenderly touched and caressed each other.

This was Sully’s time. This was the whole purpose for suffering a human lifetime of negativities on Earth. The rewards were being handed out and Sully was the eager and deserving recipient.

This was also Sol’s time. He had transitioned to the ‘Knowing’ every time Sully’s simulator was sleeping, where he would spend time with Mae, but he always left his ‘Unknowing’ behind with Sully on the Physical Plane.

Each time, he knew fully who he really was, but this final time, his ‘Unknowing’ had followed him to the Spiritual Plane. Sol’s ‘Knowing’ was dissolving Sully’s ‘Unknowing’. Sully’s Heavenly journey was about to begin…

Dan’s Quote: “Whatever we perceive the world to be…
_____________Will be projected out there as the world we see.”- Danny Brand

Top photo: ‘Loved Ones Gather’. Welcome to Maleny Manor – Queensland Sunshine Coast, Australia.
PSPRPersonal Sphere of Perceived Reality. 

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