Virtual Reality 12


‘KNOWING’ granted Sol and Mae the awareness that Planet Earth was not meant to be perfect. They were there at the beginning when Yahweh first desired to create a finite negative Universe with Earth as its centrepiece and both had played a significant role in early experiments, simulating many types of primitive creatures, culminating with what was called, the Great Ape.

Yahweh decided that a refined version of the ape might be a suitable vehicle (PSPR) to use for the main purpose of The Dream where the contrasts between the suffering of the negatives and the appreciation of the positives would be learned. Sol and Mae began piloting different human simulations, ending up with the final version of what was by then called Man.

Once the testing was complete, the final evolutionary process could begin. Sol and Mae were privileged to have been asked to play a part in the opening sequence of mankind’s drama of life on Earth. Sol’s role was to play Adam and Mae’s role was to play Eve.

They were to be the first of the simulated modern humans, a role that ended up being one of the rare occasions that Sol and Mae had the chance to share a lifetime together in the same drama. All was new to them as they hesitantly experienced their first simulations in the new improved human PSPR.

The Garden of Eden had always existed on the Heavenly Plane and was simply copied and pasted to the Physical Plane as a base for starting off the drama of human life. It was not intended to be the idyllic paradise that Sol and Mae were used to in heaven.

In fact, Yahweh’s re-creation of ‘The Garden’ on Earth was a shock to Sol and Mae and to make it worse, Yahweh had introduced Egor as part of the PSPR simulation to provide the negative contrasts needed for Sol and Mae to experience. They had known of and interacted with the primitive Egor before, but this one was a real ‘Doozy’.

Over millenniums of human life simulations, it became evident to Sol and Mae that every simulated human body on Earth was meant to sicken and die. Human relationships, governments, religious institutions, machines and even Earth’s weather patterns were all meant to fail. Death, disease and natural disasters they realized, were all essential elements of Earth’s makeup.

While ‘Unknowing’ during their PSPR simulations, Sol and Mae have continually tried to make the imperfect perfect, the horrible beautiful and the limited limitless and they have failed appallingly. Earth is in the same negative shape today as it was when Sol and Mae first began human simulations.

Whilst ‘Unknowing’, that is a difficult truth to come to terms with, but so simple to understand when they are ‘Knowing’. Every transition they make to the Spiritual Plane brings a sudden, startling awareness of the commonsense and purpose of it all – It is all wonderfully meant to be…

Dan’s Quote: “We are here for a purpose, to experience hell on Earth,
_____________so as we can appreciate heaven in eternity.”- Danny Brand

Top photo: Demonstrators throw fire bombs at riot police during violent protests in Athens.
PSPRPersonal Sphere of Perceived Reality.

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