Virtual Reality 11


MOONLIGHT seamlessly replaced the light of the setting sun, casting a subdued luminescence across the duskiness of approaching night. Glisten tipped wavelets raced each other towards the shore of Paradise Island, eager to show the way for Sol and Mae as they strolled arm in arm along its idyllic foreshore.

They left no footprints in the sand for their ethereal human bodies were light as a feather. They had no need for speech, for words were only constructs used on the Physical Plane, although Sol and Mae did talk some times, for every now and then they liked to say how much they loved each other in the descriptive words they had used while on Earth.

They had made love earlier, for even though propagation of the species did not apply on the Heavenly Plane, the act of love making was the greatest gift of love that two souls could give each other. The intense love felt during sexual climax in heaven made its Physical Plane counterpart seem mediocre at the least.

They found a grassy knoll in amongst the swaying palms and happily settled down on the soft surface as they quietly drank in the pristine beauty of this heavenly island. Sol began to think about the simulated human life he was presently experiencing and how different it was to what he was experiencing at the moment.

When Sol was ‘Unknowing’ he did not remember who he was and because of Egor’s constant, overbearing chatter in the simulator’s mind, he believed firmly that he was Egor himself. Yet when he was ‘Knowing’ like now on the Heavenly Plane, sitting blissfully with his eternal love, he clearly saw the mindlessness of his pseudo identity.

Because of this intermittent identity crisis, (when Sol thought he was Egor) he knew that this is where Egor would love to be able to visit. He had heard a lot about it, but to Egor it was all conjecture, he had never seen it and he never would, for Egor was of the physical world – a part of the Physical Plane dream.

He was not spirit and only spirits like Sol and Mae, who had no negativities, could enter this heavenly domain. Egor was instead, the very negativity that blighted the Physical Plane and barred him from ever entering heaven, sentencing him instead to a human lifetime in his war torn, contaminated world.

That was where he must remain until physical death, for that was where he was meant to be and what he was meant to do. Egor provided the contrasts between positive and negative forces that the Physical Plane was created for – and while Sol believed he was Egor – Sol got to experience these negativities first hand.

Sol knew that even when humanity reached a stage of evolution where mankind would be mature enough to be able to handle ‘Knowing’ while still on the Physical Plane, (Yahweh’s ultimate plan for The Dream) the Physical Plane would still be needed as an extension of The Dream.

For when mankind finally realized there was only ‘Oneness’, man’s cruelty against man and other living creatures would end. But there would still be contrasts to be made between things other than human ignorance and cruelty, such as physical illness, pain and death, plus the many natural disasters, such as fire, famine, earthquakes, tsunamis etc.

Meanwhile man’s ignorance, selfishness and cruelty to their own kind and other living creatures remained a blight on the physical Earth that needed to be addressed – an Earth that is better known in Heaven as – Hell…

Dan’s Quote: “No matter what your opinion of yourself is while on Earth,
____________you are eternally loved and adored in your true home.”- Danny Brand  

Top photo: This could be ‘The Virtual Shoreline of Heaven’s Paradise Island at Dusk.’

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