Virtual Reality 10


THE HEAVENLY PLANE looked exactly like Earth to Sol, except that everything was vibrantly alive – Everything – Nothing was dying, vegetation was the greenest of green, water the bluest of blue, flowers bloomed more multi-colourful, delicious fruits grew more abundantly than they could ever do on the Physical Plane. There was no death, no disease, no Negativity! no Egor!

A soul could create whatever environment they liked on the Heavenly Plane and they did, any planet in any galaxy. Whatever they could possibly imagine had the ability to be created for their enjoyment. There were no restrictions, no ‘Unknowing’. Only the freedom to be and do whatever they wished.

Sol though, had a soft spot for Planet Earth. For even with all the brutality and conflict, death and destruction that overwhelmed the physical Earth, it was still a beautiful world – which Sol and Mae (his Soul Mate) enthusiastically created in all its pristine glory on the Heavenly Plane.

On the Physical Plane, Heaven was greatly misconstrued, mainly by religious dogma – and Egor happened to be in control of the minds that made up this dogma – so mistakenly, it was thought that if a heaven existed at all, it was only accessible after death and then only for the very few who were good and deserving of it – in the churches opinion – but that was not so.

All souls, including Sol and Mae, basked in the joyfulness of the Heavenly Plane more often than they suffered the rigors of the Physical Plane, in fact they enjoyed it every human sleep time, which for them was timeless.

Sol chose an ethereal human body as a vehicle to get around in on the Heavenly Plane. Its weightlessness in spirit was like wearing a suit of fine gossamer compared to the leaden dankness of the physical body, that felt to Sol and Mae like they were having a lukewarm bath while wearing a heavy trench coat.

This spiritual human body was never hungry or thirsty and yet nourishment of any sort could be freely and eagerly savoured without the risk of obesity or disease. Chocolate, ice cream, sweets, alcohol, all that wonderfully naughty stuff could be enjoyed guiltlessly and without the harmful side effects that resulted from over indulgence on the Physical Plane.

This was paradise, this was what it was all about. After Sol and Mae experienced the negativities of living on the Physical Plane and contrasted them with the positives of the Heavenly Plane, eternal spiritual life could be properly and fully appreciated. That was why the Physical Plane needed to remain as an extension of The Dream.

That was where the contrasts were made. That was where both Sol and Mae needed to revisit often, to regularly experience a simulated human lifetime. But now their human simulations were sleeping and they were in Heaven on R and R. Thoughts of the Physical Plane were far from their mind…

Dan’s Quote: “Physical Life is well worth living 
_____________when you fully understand why you’re living it.”- DJB

Top photo: ‘Alberta National Park’- Recreated in all its pristine glory on the Heavenly Plane.

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