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WHEN I wrote the story ‘Two Worlds’ (in early November 2010 to mid April 2011) I coined the metaphor, Personal Sphere of Perceived Reality‘ to explain somewhat how we might experience the dream of physical life. Since then I have delved a lot more into trying to understand the mysteries of life, so I would now like to retell it in a new way.

Firstly let’s imagine a flight simulator like they have to train new pilots. It is a windowless pod that sits on a bunch of hydraulic rams in one corner of an aircraft hangar. It does not fly, it is a stationary object that never leaves the hangar.

Once the trainee is inside though, his sense of reality changes. There is a fully kitted out flight deck with computer monitors for windows that show a moving view of an airport tarmac. 

The trainee immediately loses all sense of it being a stationary pod and fully believes that he is in the cockpit of a real plane.

Inside the pod, the sounds and movements of an aircraft from taxiing to preparing for takeoff, right through to the actual flight and landing are simulated.

Surround sound speakers, the changing video view through the front and side computer monitors and the hydraulic rams outside that tilt the pod this way and that, give the illusion of movement.

Everything that appears to be real, the view outside through the monitors, the sounds and the feel of movement is all an illusion. The pod remains sitting safely in the hangar while the trainee is on the edge of his seat inside, learning how to fly a plane.

The wings, the fuselage and the landing gear, plus even the nose of the aircraft are not real. They are only a video projected onto the computer monitors.

The inside of the cockpit is dark with only the instrument panel and the front and side windows of the plane illuminated to allow the trainee to concentrate fully on where he is going and what he is doing.

There is an instructor sitting quietly in the co-pilots seat. He only speaks softly so the trainee must listen very carefully to the instructions.

There is also a nagging chatterbox in the jump seat behind the trainee that is forever giving unfounded ill advice and instructions that if listened to, will drastically hamper the trainees progress.

Apart from flying the plane through calm skies, the trainee must learn how to handle crashes and crash landings, violent thunder storms, up and down drafts and wind shear as well as failures from minor to major mechanical malfunctions.

The more time he spends in a flight simulator the better he will get at handling any event that the software might throw at him. He must accrue flying hours to become licensed as a competent commercial pilot.

Using the flight simulator as an analogy for our Personal Sphere of Perceived Reality, next comes the tale of a Spirit named Sol and his amazing experiences whilst piloting human body simulators….

Dan’s Quote: “Sometimes life is like flying by the seat of your pants,
_____________you never know when you’re going to get your bum scraped.”- DJB

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