Multiplicity 12


TIMELESSNESS is all there is, a concept that we find impossible to understand. Everything for us takes time to happen. From the formation of the universe to the span of a lifetime, to the length of a day, there is a space, a gap, a time interval between the beginning, the end and the present moment.

And yet in reality, there is no time or space. The whole universe and everything in it took no time to create and it continues to exist in no time – and it also takes up no space. In this story I use the metaphor ‘The Infinite Moment’ to describe the concept of ‘no time.’

Trying to imagine that our universe, from the Big Bang to the present time, plus all the infinite dimensions held within that universe and all the myriad lifetimes of all the living creatures that inhabit those multiple levels, was all created and continues to exist – within an Infinite Moment – is unbelievably mind boggling.

For us to attempt to get some sort of a comparison to better understand this conundrum is very hard because we are restricted to only being able to look with our three dimensional minds out at a world of time and space for an equivalent that we might be able to understand – but one does exist and that is a micro-chip.

Man’s technology has advanced at a lightning rate over recent years. We now use micro-technology every day without thinking about it as we access information, surf the internet, carry out our banking, commerce and business activities on our computers and mobile devices.

We also use this technology for leisure purposes like streaming music, videos, playing games and watching movies. So let’s compare watching movies in relation to the Infinite Moment.

If there were say 200 movies on one hard drive’s microprocessor the size of a small coin and they averaged say 3 hours each to watch, it would take us around 600 hours, or 25 days straight without a break, to watch them all (and that’s without any commercials, joke, HA!).

Each movie might be a story that spans a person’s lifetime or maybe many lifetimes and we would feel and experience that time element as we became more absorbed in the story – and yet all those movie lengths together, fit on one tiny device.

(Pictured above is a microprocessor that is smaller and thinner than a dime.)

We find no difficulty in believing that fact – and we are quite aware of the possibilities that in the near future, scientists will be able to fit incalculable amounts of data on devices as small as an atom or molecule using nanotechnology.

These advancements in technology are for us, understandable – and yet we can’t get our head around the fact that the infinite universe and all it contains fits on an Infinite Moment. And yet it does.

Unlike the microchip, which still has dimensions, even though they may be miniscule, an Infinite Moment has no dimensions at all, it takes up no space or time, so in our understanding of things, it does not exist.

It’s the same scenario when we think about  The Creator and our Souls, they are also timeless – so in our limited understanding of life, they are fiction, they cannot exist either – but they do – although their reality and the reality of the universe is completely different from what we could ever imagine.

How do our souls experience the universe and the myriad lifetimes in that Infinite Moment?…

Dan’s Quote: “The biggest mystery of all is that all this came from nothing.”- DJB

Top photo: Multiple lanterns illuminate the night air in Thailand.

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